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My journey of learning how to cook Korean food begins here:
So far, my Mother in law did not pass down any recipe or teach me how to cook Korean food since we live apart. All the Korean food recipes below are the result of self-learning from trying all sorts of recipes that I can obtained (from recipe books or online recipes). How I get the right taste? Beside letting my Korean husband taste all the cooking, frequent dine-in at authentic Korean Restaurants helps too! I have make an effort to simplify the steps hope it can helps those of you (especially non-Korean) to be able to cook Korean food easily just like me! 


Dakbokkuemtang (Spicy Braised Chicken Stew)

Jjimdak (Korean Braised Chicken)

Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup


Bossam (Boiled Pork Wraps)

Dubu Kimchi (Tofu with Stir Fried Kimchi & Pork)

Samgyeopsal (Korean Pork Belly BBQ at Home)


Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)

Dwenjang Jiggae (Baek Jong-Won's Recipe -Soybean Paste Soup)

Eomuk Dwenjang guk (Korean Fish Cake Soybean Paste Soup)

Miyeok-guk | 미역국 | Seaweed soup

Kimchi Jjamchi Jjigae | 참치김치찌개 | Kimchi Tuna Stew

Tteok-guk | 떡국 | Sliced Rice Cake Soup


Dolsot Bibimbap (Korean Hot Stone Mixed Rice with Veggie)

Kimchi Bokkeumbap | 김치 볶음밥 | Kimchi Fried Rice

Yubu Chobap | 유부 초밥 | Korean Fried Tofu Pockets (Stuffed with Rice)


Gaji Namul | 가지나물 | Steamed Eggplant Side dish

Gim Gui | 김구이 | Roasted Seasoned Dried Seaweed

Musaengchae | 무생채 | Spicy Radish Salad

Sigeumchi Namul | 시금치 나물| Seasoned Korean Spinach Salad


Jwipo Jorim | 쥐포 조림| Seasoned Korean Fish Jerky

Man-nun Ganjang | 만능간장 | All Purpose Soya Sauce

Ssamjang | 쌈장 | Soy-bean Paste & Chili Paste Mixed Dipping Sauce

Hobak Buchimgae | 호박부침개 | Zucchini Pancake


  1. Hi Everyone,

    Few months ago, I lost almost 70% of my blog photos and most of them unable to retrieve as I lost my backup photos too. I was very upset but what's done is done. I am going to replace the missing photos for the recipes a bit at a time.

    Thank you for your patient and support.


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