About us

Korean husband & Malaysian Wife living in Kuala Lumpur.

2004 - Husband first time set foot on Malaysia soil
2006 - We met & spent around 4 years together in Penang
2010 - Relocated to Shah Alam and get married at the same year
2012 - Moved down to Kuala Lumpur and have been living in Kuala Lumpur since then.

Hi! I'm Amy! Yoo Hye-In is my Chinese name translated into Korean. I started to blog in 2010 after relocated to Shah Alam & married to my Korean husband - to keep record of our life as Korean-husband & Malaysian-wife in Kuala Lumpur. Sharing mostly about our Korean food hunting, where we go, what we see & what we eat (in Korea & in Malaysia). Also my journey of learning cooking Korean food. Thank you for stopping by and read our blog(s).

We in Geoje-do, Autumn 2017


  1. I met my Korean husband 5 years ago and got married last year. I have been studying Korean for 2 years but whenever I visit my MIL in Korea, I am still unable to speak properly with her in Korean. I felt pressured and stress when I see her frustration for being unable to communicate with me properly. Do speak fluent Korean to your in laws? or can they speak English fluently? How do you cope with the language difference?

    1. Hi there, my in laws cannot speak English and they speak heavy Busan dialect which is big challenge for me to understand with my not so fluent Korean. It's hard to be able to speak Korean well if we do not have anybody to practice Korean daily especially we don't live in Korea. But what I do is, I try to memorized those essential words or sentence that I think it will be use daily when I visit Korea. with my husband's supports in translating the conversation sometimes, we are able to communicating well. Give yourself more time to learn how to speak Korean well, after several visits and more conversation, you definitely will learnt and become better. Cheers!

  2. My boyfriend is from Busan too, but luckily i do speak enough Korean. Thinking about an international marriage is way too expensive and complicated. Will be following your blog for tips.

    1. Thank you for following us! So I guess you wouldn't have any problem in communication. I have no problem in basic conversation, reading and writing generally. My only challenge is 부산 사투리 which is not easy to understand. I guess your boyfriend don't use Busan dialect alot ya? Also in our case, in order for my husband to speak English well since he live in Malaysia long term, we use English most of the time :) Anyway, nice to know you!


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