Koko Rose Coffee & Cake, Sunway Nexis

I (or we) have been here frequent for lunch lately. This Korean Cafe which is selling coffee, bingsu, cakes, and Korean food is tastefully decorated, the ambiance is pretty relax and quiet as well. I often seek for quiet and not so crowded place for lunch break (if possible) as that's the only time I can temporarily rest my mind from hectic work. Besides this, the friendly Korean couple owners and their smiley staffs is another reason that draw me here too. 

We normally choose their lunch set as it comes with coffee or tea,  it's value worth for me since I am a coffee lover, and their coffee is the most decent coffee I can get in Sunway Nexis so far.

(Left) Americano with milk - my choice for coffee (Right) Tea for husband who dont fancy coffee. I love their unique teapot set where the teapot in on top of the tea cup in set. 

Bulgogi (Chicken) with Rice

Korean Ramyun
Husband who always loyal with one choice - Ramyun, lol. His ramyum was once added with sujebi (hand pulled dough) after we asked the boss if they are selling sujebi by any chance - what a kind and sweet gesture to appreciate their customer who frequent dine-in at the cafe. 

Their kimbab portion is bigger than the average kimbab that I could get at similar price.

Bibimbap is the only Korean food I never get bored even I had it always. Their bibimbap is very decent portion however it was not sold anymore after I had it for few times. 

Aglio Olio Pasta
Different from the normal aglio olio we had, should I say their aglio olio is gravy and more like Korean style aglio olio?


Fish and Chip
The potato chips can be replace with mashed potato upon request.