Thong Kee Cafe, Pandan Indah, Cheras | 溏记海南茶室

It's long weekend again where International Labour days falls on following Monday! My family and siblings are in town visiting us celebrating my dad's birthday together! Sis family arrived first and our first outing was drove all the way to Pandan Indah to try out this famous Hainan Kopitiam originated from Bentong, Pahang for it's signature breakfasts and coffee. It is about 20mins away from my home via Sungai Besi highway. 

Warned you first, Thong Kee is famous among the locals and "outsider" like us. Besides not so easy to find a parking nearby, finding a table is not easy as well. 

Parking - We manage to park our vehicle at a public parking lot not far away, then found out this area is using parking coupon system - which we don't have it obviously and kind of far to walk over to purchase after asked around. So, we park our vehicle without parking coupon. If you worry you might receive traffic summons because of not using parking coupon, suggest you may park your vehicle at the Midpoint Shopping Mall which is about 2 rows behind Thong Kee Cafe.

Table - There's no queue system here for the table, you need to look for an occupied table where the eaters seems like about to finish their meal + nobody is waiting for it, and wait aside until you got the table. We waited for a while (not very long, maybe about 5-10mins) to get a table of 5. 

Frankly speaking, I dislike this type of waiting table system as it is all depends on your luck - someone arrive later might get a table before you did. It reminds me one of the queue system at Public toilet which I couldn't understand, instead all queuing in a line waiting for next toilet available, sometimes people will queue in front of each toilet door instead ... 😅

The breakfast menu is on the wall! Their signature breakfast is Steamed or Baked Hainan Bread (a.k.a Kaya & Butter Toast) & half boiled egg as well as the signature drink 1+1 (coffee mix with milk tea in the ratio of 1:1). 

There are other local food stalls as well with variety of local food such as pork noodle, pan mee, chee cheong fun, hakka mee etc. Bro-in-law had curry chee cheong fun with some sides from one of the stall, sis and me also took a few bites, it was very delicious!

The half boiled eggs delivered fast - the worker put the raw eggs into the steel mug filled boiling hot water, send to our table and ask us to wait for about 5 minutes before remove it from mug.

5 mins later, the egg nicely half-boiled as what we want. At the same time our toasts were delivered too. 

Baked Hainan Bread (RM1.90) & CheeseHam Croissant (RM6.90). 
We also had the signature 1+1 but it was deliver late after we finish our meal. When the drinks arrive, my sis has slurp down almost 1/3 of the 1+1 before I could take photo. So the only drink photo I have is my youngest nephew Wayne savour his hot milo. lol.

Let Jack show you how to eat! Dipped the toasted Hainanse Kaya Butter Toast into the half boiled egg, and stuffed into your mouth! Yummy! The kids ate more than me nowadays! lol .. Looks like next time instead of sharing, the kids can have one set each just like us the adults.

Thong Kee has other branches in PJ and SeaPark too, which I found out later when I wrote this post. You could check our their office Facebook for more info:

Thong Kee Cafe Location:


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