All Taste Restaurant, Kepong Baru Glutton Street, Kuala Lumpur | 家饭屋, 甲洞卫星市为食街

I am currently engaging with a Mon-Fri, 9-6 office hour job for a month. Good thing about back to office life is, I get to eat out with colleagues during lunch hours. This restaurant is one of the nice place I discover so far for our lunch. Delicious homecook food with the taste I familiar it. Price is affordable too! 

Meal for 3 persons. We shared 4 dishes :- Curry wild boar, Braised pig's trotters in vinegar, Stir-fried Romaine lettuce and Steamed minced pork meat with cuttlefish (not in photo) and 3 individual boiled soup for each of us. The steamed minced pork needs 7-9 mins to steamed when order place. We are in the midst of savouring our food, forgotten bout it lol!

 Curry wild boar @ RM7.90 (small)

 Braised pig's trotters in vinegar @ RM9.00 (Small)

Stir-fried Romaine lettuce @ RM6.90 (Small)

My choice individual boiled soup :- Lotus root peanut soup @ RM6.00. 
While the other two are having the same choice: Pig-maw & pepper soup @ RM7.80

Attached menu at below for everyone's reference!

The restaurant is located at the famous Kepong Baru Glutton Street (甲洞卫星市为食街). Along the street, there are many other famous eateries e.g.: xx Roasted duck, xx wantan mee, xx Penang curry meat etc. I am going to discover more slowly later when husband is free! People in Kepong are really lucky and spoil for choice when it comes to food. Feeling gladful that able enjoy a delicious meal at places I never been!  Also thanks to my office mate for the yummy treat today!