Mak's Chee Authentic Wonton, 1 Utama Shopping Centre | 麥氏西池港式雲吞面

After Tim Ho Wan, another famous Hong Kong top purveyors of wonton noodles is going to open its outlet in 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Now we can enjoy a bowl of  authentic cantonese wonton noodles without having to fly to Hong Kong. I first found out about Mak's Chee from 1 Utama Shopping Centre Facebook page last year. Later was shock to learn that they have a long queue during lunch and dinner hours, weekdays or weekends!

Few weeks after the opening, we are here, queuing up just to give a try! Can't believe we really queue for it cuz normally we won't and rather wait for few months later after the hit goes off.  Anyway, to be exact, the wife is the one who queue while the husband roaming nearby. (ahem.....)

Part of the restaurant outlook, taken by husband when I ask him to snap some photos for me for my blog. We can see inside the restaurant is full of diners. 

The kitchen is just located next to the entrance, with a big transparent window where you can see how the chef and staff preparing the noodles and dishes. 

The outlet is headed by the Michelin Star Chef Johnny Yu - who is holding chopsticks wearing a plain collar shirt with purple strips in the picture. He is also the descendant cum grandchild-in-law of Mak Woon Chee.

After queue for about 20 mins, when we are the third one in the queue, the waitress hand us the menu to take pre-order. So that when we are seated later, the food will be serve immediately without having to wait. 

Mak's Chee's noodle menu. The snack menu turns out blur so I did not post here.

The story of Mak's Chee printed in the dining paper in Chinese and English version. It tells the story back in 1920, Chee Kee by Master Mak Woon Chee, in Guangzhou, China was the most famous wonton stall while almost everyone selling pork wonton, but he go against all odd selling prawn wonton which earn his the title of "Guangzhou King of Wonton Noodle" where world famous leader, politician, personalities to celebrities favor his noodle dish. And later how his recipe carry on and maintain till today. 

Sea Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup | 嫡传鲜虾云吞面 @ RM12.90
husband's choice is Mak's Chee signature dish - Sea Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup. It was serve in a medium small bowl, where the sea prawn wonton (in gold fish shape) is hidden underneath the noodle. We dug out the wonton from bottom for picture purpose. The noodle is thin yet springily, hard to describe the texture but for sure it is different from the usual wonton mee we ever had. The savory broth is also taste different, it is more richer than the usual wonton mee soup broth. And the sea prawn wonton, each wonton has 2 sea prawns wrap inside the thin yet firm wonton skin (thumbs up).

Prawn dumplings in soup | 净水饺 @ RM15.90
Since we have wonton in our first dish, we go for prawn dumplings (sui-kau) for the extra dish. When we take a bite on the dumpling, we can feel the whole-prawn inside, fresh and chewy. One of the best sui kau i ever have so far!

Husband savoring his wonton noodles soup, and check out the dumplings where the whole chunk of sea prawns inside is so visible.

Noodle with Beef Tendon & Brisket | 柱候牛筋腩捞面 @ RM15.90
I love beef tendon and brisket, off course I won't miss out to try this dish from Mak's Chee! Well, it really never disappoint me, the tendon and brisket that dresses with five-spices were cooked to perfection. It us tender and moist yet still hold a firm texture. The thin springly noodle coated with the rich flavored gravy from the braised bef tendon and brisket  = perfect combination! Worth trying if you like beef tendon and brisket too!

Deep fried wonton | 炸鲜虾云吞 @ RM16.90
This is small portion. they are have large portion @ RM23.90. if you already read my describe of their sea prawn wonton at the first dish, i guess i no need to describe more. the thin yet firm wonton skin become so crispy and crunchy after deep fried, the sea prawns inside maintain moist and taste fresh even after deep fried. 

It might seems pricey for a bowl of wonton mee, but i would say it worth the price. Base on the quality and and amount of fresh prawn is use in the dish! 

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