[Revisit] Desa Sri Hartamas, Han Kang Restaurant | 李家麵屋 | 함흥냉면

Our revisit! Revisit means it worth coming back for more :) First visit was 2 months ago when the restaurant just open for business. Now they have revised the operation hour to 9am till 5pm. So beside 88 Kimbap, now we have another "Korean-breakfast" choice in town.

As usual, only Koreans are having breakfast in the restaurant. Probably it is very rare for non-Koreans to eat gukbap (or Korean food) as breakfast. I looks "outstanding" to other Korean patrons who are having breakfast inside the restaurant (from the way they look at our table). I am sure soon there will be Malaysians / non-Korean eaters after they found out this restaurant.

SoGogi Gukbap 소고기 국밥 (RM23.00)
This time I order Sogogi-gukbap, which also known as Jang-gukbap. It is Spicy Beef Soup with beef stripes, radish slices, napa-cabbages, and chopped leeks seasoned with gochugaru and gochuchang, served in a Korean earthenware bowl, ttuckbaegi (뚝배기) and a bowl of rice. 

It is very tasty but also a little bit spicy for breakfast. I think next time I will just go for Dweji-gukbap which is not spicy if we are here for breakfast.

Dweji Gukbap 돼지국밥 (RM20.00)
Husband again have Dweji Gukbap (돼지 국밥) - Busan signature dish~ Pork and rice soup as his breakfast. He likes his dweji-gukbap mild spicy so he usually pour in Kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi) or sprinkle some gochugaru (korean chilli powder).

After swallow down a bowl of hot soup with rice, we sweat non-stop even the restaurant is air-conditioned. It reminds me of my first time having dweji-gukbap in Busan during winter - the gukbap is so tasty yet makes our body warm and sweat a little in the cold cold winter. 

Another visit ...

Naengmyeon (S) + Seogogi Suyuk (RM39.00)
This is a set meal. We had the Naengmyeon before in first visit. According to the lady owner, Naengmyeon in this set is smaller size than the normal Naengmyeon. Seogogi suyuk is boiled beef. 

Seogogi Suyuk | 소고기수육
Thinly sliced boiled beef soak in beef broth to maintain it's moist. yums!

The small size Bibim-Naengmyeon just nice to filled his stomach accompany by a plate of boiled beef. Not to much not too less. 

 Dweji Gukbap 돼지국밥 (RM20.00)
As for me, I choose Dwiji-gukbap again :) never bored with it.