How to apply Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) for Foreign Husband of Malaysian Wife

Foreigner who married to a Malaysian living in Malaysia can now apply for a Long Term Social Visit Pass (or formerly known as Spouse visa) for up to 5 years. We were lucky because when we apply his spouse visa on January, 2011, the rules just amended. (Unlike before it is only valid for one year and you need to renew every year before due). Now it is up to 5 years in one application, less hassle and truly a good news! At that time we were reside in Shah Alam, Selangor (I changed my address in MyKad to Selangor Address during the marriage registration), so the nearest office we should visit is Kompleks PKNS, Shah Alam.

The process as usual time-consuming. We couldn't get much information online, what we can do is visit the office and make inquiries (as detail as possible), bring back the necessary forms for fill up at home and gets everything ready before go back for submission.

For you information, all the forms are written in Malay (Bahasa Malaysia). A check-list and forms were given when we make inquiries at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam on our first visit. There are this information counter near the entrance where we can make inquiries (pretty long queue so you got to be patient). Forms are required to be complete before you submit it. The information counter will check through the documents before allow us to take a queue number to proceed for submission at the immigration counter.

1st Visit - General Inquiries & Forms to be filled

Check-list for Social Visit Pass Application for the Foreign Husband of Malaysian (PIMT.16/09) 

Here I translate the list into English for everyone's reference:
  1. 3 pcs of Applicant's photo (Husband) and 1 pc of Wife's photo (Color and Passport size)
  2. Wedding photo / family photo (3R / 4R, color & clear) 
  3. 2 copies of Marriage Certificates Overseas 
  4. 2 copies of Marriage Certificates in Malaysia 
  5. Applicant's passport photocopy (Husband) that use to enter Malaysia (All pages except blank page)
  6. Photocopy of Wife's MyKad & Birth Certificate
  7. Photocopy of Wife's Malaysian Citizen Certificate (if born before 31.08.1957) 
  8. Photocopy of Wife's Passport (which use for registration of marriage overseas)
  9. Photocopy of Child's Birth Certificate (if the child is Malaysia citizen) 
  10. Photocopy of Passport & Pass that issued to the child (if the child is NOT Malaysia citizen)
  11. Photocopy of Marriage certificate, Death certificate or Divorce certificate of previous marriage
  12. Photocopy of Birth Certificate of the child from previous marriage
  13. Photocopy of Card of converted into Islam Religion. 
  14. Extra information of husband / wife
  15. Wife's statement to suppport husband's application
  16. Wife's statement letter (Chop & Signed by the Commissioner of Oath)
  17. Husband & wife statements letter (Chop & Signed by the Commissioner of Oath)
  18. Security Bond (with stamping)
  19. Receipt of Deposit payment (if any)
  20. Im.38 Form
  21. Im.12 Form (2 copies)
  22. VDR Interview Form
  23. Guarantor's statement letter (Wife/Guarantor who is a Malaysia citizen with income RM2000 and above) and attached the proof of income (3 months salary slips / J Form / EA / EC Form which is valid and issued by Employer)
Permit to Work (PIM.31/08)

   24. Employment Form / Contract (with stamping) from Applicant's company.
   25. Company Registration Card (SSM) / Form 9, 24 & 49 / Form D / Form E / Valid Business 
         Licence from PBT for Restaurateur or Food Business. 

Important Note:
  • All original documents need to bring along for verification purpose and all photocopies must be in A4 size.
  • Application only applicable for MyKad with Selangor address ONLY 
  • Application will be reject if it is not completed / not follow the check-list

2nd Visit - First Attempt of Submission

Not all in the check-list are applicable (Each individual is vary). For our case those applicable are No.1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 (Total 17 tasks to be complete!) I strike-through those are not applicable for us on the above for easy reference! I will skip No.1 to 6 since these are personal documents. No.14 onwards till No.25, I will attached the photocopy of the filled form for everyone reference. It is important to keep a copy of all filled form before submission just in case you need it for reference in the future. 

No.14 - Extra Information of Foreign Husband Form (3 Pages)

No.15 - Wife's Statement to Support Husband's Application (2 Pages)

No.16 - Wife's Statement Letter (Certified by the Commissioner of Oath)  &  
No.17 - Husband & Wife Statements Letter (Certified by the Commissioner of Oath) 
The Commission of Oath is available at the same level with the office, we just follow the signboard at the hallway and we easily locate one. We paid a fee but I can't recall how much, is around RM10-20 (Total 3 forms for certification). The Commission of Oath will sit down with us and cross-check the "Surat Akuan" if it is completed and if the information is correct according to the Original documents. He then chop & signed on the form to certified the information is correct. 

No.18 - Security Bond (with stamping)
No. 19 - Receipt of Deposit payment (if any)
The security bond required stamping at the Shah Alam Income Tax Office. It is walking distance from Kompleks PKNS (opposite SACC Mall). The Receipt of Deposit is not required during the stamping - we don't have it anyway since we yet make any payment. According to the immigration office the deposit will only be collected on the day when our application is success (read 4th visit at the below). So we just bring the form to the stamp duty department, fill up a stamping request form accordingly and submit it for stamping with a fee of  RM10 collected as stamping fee.

Where to do stamping:
Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN)
Stamp Duty Department
Tingkat 9-13, Plaza Perangsang,
Persiaran Perbandaran, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

No.20 - Im.38 Form - Visa Application Form &
No.21 - Im.12 Form - Visit Pass Application Form (2 copies) 
There are 2 copies of Im.12 Form needs to be filled. Photocopy is not allow, both forms have to be original form. They stated it in the check-list above, but there is only 1 set of form is given during our first visit. (Make sure you have 2 sets of Im.12 Form when you collect the application forms from the information counter).

I have to fill up another form on the spot and luckily we did prepared extra copies of passport size photos just in case. Otherwise I might need to make another trip again to the immigration office. (Advice: always prepare extra photos or photocopies of the personal document just in case)

No.22 - VDR Interview Form (3 pages)

No.23 - Guarantor's statement letter (Wife/Guarantor who is a Malaysia citizen with income RM2000 and above) and attached the proof of income (3 months salary slips / J Form / EA / EC Form which is valid and issued by Employer)
Important: Both Malaysian wife and foreign husband as well as the guarantor (if guarantor is third party) has to be PRESENT during the submission if the guarantor is third party. We end up have to make another trip due to the guarantor is not present. I am not able to be husband's guarantor at that time due to I am not working yet after relocate to Shah Alam. If the Malaysian spouse is working with income RM2000 and above, he/she can be the guarantor which will be much easier for the process.

3rd visit - Second attempt of submission

So we are here again with the Guarantor for the submission. Again, the Inquiry counter ran thru all the documents to ensure everything is complete, finally we are given a queue no. for submission!

When our queue no. is called, we hand over the application forms together with the original documents (Passport, MyKad, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc) to the Visa Application Counter office. The officer first ran thru the documents, then ask us to take a sit while wait for approval. We waited quite long - for about an hour. When we are called by the counter officer again, we were inform that the application is accepted. All original documents then return to us, including husband's passport.

There will be an endorsement chop with a written serial number (or file number) in the Passport's Endorsements Page - as a confirmation of submission of the visa application. We are asked to return 7 days later (on a fixed date) and get ready the deposits and visa fee which we required to pay upon return.

4th visit -  Obtained 5 Years Spouse Visa 

We return 7 days later, this time we didn't wait long to reach our turn. We pay RM1000 the security deposit (for South Korea). Different countries there will be different amount of deposit required (Read here for more details). Besides the deposit, we also pay RM450 for Social Visit Pass, RM150 for Multiple Entry (Visa), Journey Performed for the Single Entry RM30 & it's Processing Fee RM500. So in total together with the deposit we pay RM2,230. The deposit is refundable if husband return for good to his country. Therefore it is very important to keep the original receipt and not to lost it. 

After payment made and handed the passport to be process for the visa, we waited until our name is called, passport will be return with the Valid Spouse Visa (5 years Multiple Entry Visa) and a journey performed Single Entry Visa attached. Make sure you check if the name, pass and valid period given is correct before you leave.

No. 24 & 25 - Permit to Work (PIM.31/08)
After obtain the valid spouse visa, the spouse is permitted to work in Malaysia if the following required documents is submitted.: 

1. Employment Letter with the contents below:
    (i) Position offer
    (ii) Monthly Salary
    (iii) Letter must be signed by both Employer and Employee 
    (iv) If it is a contact basis, stamping for the contact is required
2. Photocopy of applicant's passport (front page with personal details and valid entry visa)
3. Photocopy of  Husband / Wife's MyKard 
4. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate 
5. Husband & Wife Statement letter (Chop & Signed by the Commissioner of Oath)  
6. Documents from the company
    (i) Company Registration issued by SSM (both Original and Photocopy)
    (ii) Form 9, Form 24 and Form 49 or Form D or Form E
7. Business License from PBT for Restaurateur and Food Sector. 

No.2, 3, 4, 5 were done during the spouse visa submission and no.7 not applicable for us. So we just need to submit for the no.1, & no.6. The immigration department will endorse on passport page to stated that the Spouse Visa is allow to work / run business during the period of the spouse visa provided the employer company / business is legal by the Malaysia Rules & Regulations. 

I will share the renewal process after we renew his visa which will be next year before April. 


  1. Hi! Im Paul, im married to malaysian(chinese). I would like to ask if how long is the processing for the permit to work. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Paul, if you are referring to the work permit after you obtain the spouse visa, the work permit (an endorsement chop on the passport) can be obtain on the same day if the necessary documents has been submitted (refer to no.24 & 25). Good luck.

  3. Thank you so much Ms. Yoo... Very informative and detailed... God bless and have a pleasant day ahead.

  4. Glad it helps, Paul! You too have a great weekend ahead and God Bless :)

  5. hi can i apply spouse visa after i get married?

    pls whatsapp me 0166847235

    TQ so much

  6. Hi there, do you have any info on how to apply for Pass for foreign baby of malaysian wife?

    1. Hi Jason, I have no idea bout it as we yet experience it. You might need to check with the Immigration Department in your respective area for the procedure.

    2. Many thanks for your promopt reply Hye-in!

      I have just contact with the immigration dept, and was told that I need to obtain the spouse pass first, then they will process the baby pass.

      One last question, will the husband passport be kept for 1 week during the processing of the pass?

    3. First of all, Congratulations for the arrival of the baby. Well, they won't retain your passport, your passport will be with you and you just need to bring it to them when you are there to apply for the Spouse Visa. All the best on your Spouse Visa Application.

  7. hi.. my spouse is foreigner and I am Malaysian. do my spouse need to stay in Malaysia for 6 months and then only can apply for spouse visa and they are not allowed to work for some time when they are under spouse programme? Please advise

    1. Hi, NO rules state that foreign spouse must stay for how many days in Malaysia before he/she can apply for the spouse visa. As soon as you both are legally married, you can apply for the spouse visa for him/her anytime. Terms of spouse visa is depends on Immigration Department - some gets only 6 months or 1 year only, some able to get up to 5 years just like my husband.

      Lastly, foreign spouse is allow to work after the spouse visa granted, as long as he/she submit the necessary documents (you can refer to No. 24 & 25 - Permit to Work (PIM.31/08) in my post). Hope it helps.

  8. Would you please answer the two following questions as your post is really useful but I'm looking to know more about these two things:

    1- Did the immigration asked about submitting any utility bills / tenancy agreement etc.?

    2- The sponsor has to provide pay slips from the company. So does that also include any bank statement or further letters?

    I'm going to be the sponsor for my Husband as he's the foreigner and would like to know a little more.

    Thanks and keep up with this great post!

    1. Hi Mie Yee,

      Thanks for dropping by and glad the post is able to help.

      1) There is no need to submit any utility bills or tenancy agreement (as I don't see any requirement above needs utility bills or TA submission for verification).

      2) As long as your payslip is the original payslip with valid company letter head, there is no need to provide bank statement or any letter from the company. If your company payslip is the online self-printing type (like ours), make sure you get the company HR / payroll department certified it true copy via company chop and sign before submission. For your info, EA form is acceptable too.

      The above answers is based on our experience, Immigration might ask for further verification shall they need any. All the best for the visa application.

  9. Hi,

    Your post is really helpful.

    I have a question - how did you enter Malaysia initially to apply for this LTSVP? Tourist visa?

    If I'm not mistaken, if enter using tourist visa you need to show immigration your return ticket upon arrival?

    I'm applying for my husband who intends to enter Malaysia, apply for LTSVP & continue to permanently live in Malaysia after that (will not have a return)



    1. Hi Ernie,

      My husband (Korean) is the one who apply for LTSVP. He entered Malaysia via tourist visa (social visit pass - 90 days). We first registered our marriage in Putrajaya, then went to Immigration to apply LTSVP for him.

      Immigration did not ask for return ticket. After we submit our application, my husband went to oversea for business trip for a week and when he returned to Malaysia he gained another 90 days visa. So we have sufficient time to wait for the LTSVP to be approved. If your husband do not plan to leave Malaysia during the application time, he can ask to extend his tourist visa at the Immigration but fee is applicable (and it is not cheap).

      The whole process take less than a month to complete (from application to approval) if you complete everything before you submit it. Good luck and wish you all the best on the LTSVP application.

      Lastly, you are most welcome. ^^

  10. Hi

    As my husband already granted 6 month LTSVP and will be expired on may2016
    can he in and out from malaysia for visiting purpose example we staying in jb and can he enter singapore out?.

    1. Hi Risha,

      Off course your husband is free to in out from Malaysia to visit any other country with LTSVP. The purpose of LTSVP is to allow the foreign spouse to stay in Malaysia for long term without having to renew the social visit pass every 3 months. When he entered Malaysia again after visiting other country, he will granted the stay in Malaysia until the expiry date of LTSVP. I hope my explanation is good enough for you to understand. Have a great day.

  11. Hi there, did you bring a witness with you when u submitted for the first time ? must be the relative or any one will do ? thanks.

    1. Hi there, NO witnesses needed. However if your Malaysian Spouse is not your Guarantor, the person who be your guarantor need to be present during the submission of application.

      Our first visit is just to obtain the forms to be filled. Second visit is the first submission, but we has to return again due to I did not bring our guarantor attend with us. So only third visit the submission is successful. Forth visit is to collect the visa and make payment. You can skip the first two steps if you able to get everything ready and go early.

      Good luck to you.

    2. Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. This morning i went to LHDN to get the stamping on my security bond form but the staff said I should go to post office to get the stamp then only can go to LHDN but as I know we only need to get the stamping in LHDN,no? Do I need to fill in the bond form before the stamping ? If i can be the guarantor to my husband ( he is foreigner) , means I do not need to bring witnesses with me right? appreciate for your help really! Thanks again .

    3. Hi Inzy Tolga,

      For our experience we get stamping done at LHDN only - as per instruct by the Immigration counter after the application submission. Did the Immigration counter told you to go to LHDN only? I would suggest you always go back to Immigration counter should you have any doubts as procedure might change from time to time.

      Yes, we filled the security bond form before we go for stamping, and yup if you are the witness of your foreign husband there is NO third party witness needed.

      All the best to you.

  12. Hi, i went to shah alam immigration that day, they told me i need to wait 6 months before i can apply spouse visa. They asked me to go back to my country and come back as visitor.

    1. Hi Tini, you mentioned S.A. Immigration want you to come back to Malaysia again as visitor, is that mean you are holding other visa at the same time? Thanks for your info sharing, I can see the immigration's requirement is pretty hard to predict - some get it easily, some are not. Your sharing might benefit to others as rules and regulations are changing from time to time.

    2. Hi, my husband also facing the same thing, said need to wait for after 6 months marriage only can apply.... but really can't find any info about that online... as you said, hard to predict. Will try to go to ask another officer again.

    3. Hi Liz,

      From what I heard from others who wrote to me personally and also what Tini was sharing last week. I think nowadays immigration exercise 6 months probation period after marriage registration before the foreign spouse can apply spouse visa.

      Wish you all the best on the visa application!

    4. Hi,

      Need to update here, my husband just got his Long term visa for first 6 months! For those who trying to apply, do not bother when those officer said only can wait for 6 months later! We decided to go again to try the luck, we went to another officer and he said is fine, just need to submit everything accordingly, and we did it one month ago, and now, we got it today!

      All depend on the officer, who know how their mood on that day? Just try again or go to another JPN to try.

      Good luck!

    5. Hi Liz,

      Thanks for your update! That's terrible, how can the application related to officer's mood? Anyway yup you are right! no harm to try again with another immigration office or another officer! Glad your husband got his first 6 months visa now!

  13. Yes, i get married on 11 November 2015, and currently i'm holding employment pass. My employment pass will be expired on March and i plan to apply spouse visa on Feb, so that after my employment pass expired, i can immediately obtain spouse visa. However, the officer said i can only start apply for spouse visa after 6 months from my registered day, which is on 11 May 2015. During March & April i need to go back and return back Malaysia using visitor pass.

    They got give another alternative to me, i can stay in Malaysia after my employment pass expired, but i need to obtain something called "peramatan". During this peramatan period, i cannot travel oversea and must stay in Malaysia until i obtain my spouse visa. They don't encourage me to apply "peramatan" because they said i need to pay extra $$$ while come back using visitor pass will be more benefit to me.

    1. Sorry, it shall be 11 May 2016, type wrongly.

    2. I see and that explained why. I noticed now there is a probation period of 6 months after marriage registeration only the foreign spouse can apply for LTSVP. Thanks for letting us know. And yeah, I would say visitor pass will be benefited for you, after you travel out and into Malaysia again in March, normally you will be granted 90days social visit pass (visitor pass) which should be giving you enough time to wait until 11 May 2016 to apply for your spouse visa. Unless your employment visa end early March then you may need to do 2 trips. Anyway wishing you all the best for your spouse visa application, may things runs smoothly for you during the submission and God Bless You always :)

    3. Thanks a lot, hopefully everything go well :)

  14. it's any place can do the spouse visa in malaysia

  15. I stay in Karak, Pahang can i do spouse visa at immigration Raub....

    1. Hi Wil Lee,
      I googled, Immigration Office in Raub, Pahang provide the service of issuing of visas, passes and permits to Foreign Nationals entering Malaysia

      Best you give a call to the Immigration office to check before you visit.

  16. where the place should be i go and best for me do the spouse visa?

    1. As far as I know it is depends on the address of MyKad (the Malaysian spouse's MyKad). E.g. if you are living in Pahang, you need to visit the nearest Immigration Office in Pahang State.

  17. dear Hye In Yoo,

    im getting married soon and applying for the spouse visa.
    im abit confuse with the fees .. i know i should prepare myr2000 (for usa spouse) but what is Social Visit Pass, Multiple Entry (Visa), Journey Performed for the Single Entry fees(is it different according to country ?) for?? & Processing Fee RM500

    thank you


    1. Hi Kristeen,

      Multiple Entry (Visa) + Social Visit Pass = LTSVP

      LTSVP (Long Term Social Visit Pass) formerly known as spouse visa, is a multiple entry visa & pass that allow you stay in Malaysia, and travel in and out from Malaysia till the validity of the Pass.

      While "Journey Performed for the Single Entry" is the visit pass or tourist pass that allow you to stay in Malaysia (normally 90days) when you enter malaysia, will be cancel after you get the LTSVP.

      Lastly, Processing Fee is a one time off fee that required to pay to process all the above when you apply for LTSVP for the first time. (No more processing fee for the renewal of LTSVP)

      All the above should be applicable regardless you are from which country except for the fee and charges might be vary depending on the country.

      I hope you understand my explanation. Congratulations on your marriage :)

    2. Thank so much Hye in Yoo for your explanation and information :)

    3. My pleasure to help, Kristeen :)

  18. Did you apply with ur husband one like this,,,pas lawatan sosial and then u got LTSVP?

    1. Hi there,

      We straight away applied LTSVP for husband after our marriage registration. Before he gotten the LTSVP, he is holding the 90 days tourist visa.

      The PASS and the VISA is 1 set (like a package) when you obtain LTSVP. Therefore Multiple Entry (Visa) + Social Visit Pass = LTSVP.

      Hope you understand what I am trying to explain.

  19. Thanks alot,bdaway it's really difficult to get hire from companies evthou I am holding now 5years visa ,cz many companies I tried to apply and they could said only local one or PR holder, provided this job, how ur huspand can get job?, can you help, please thanks. can u Contact to me this email as personal issue thanks

    1. My husband applied job on his own (send in resume, attend interview) like any one of us does. I guess it is depends on your proficiency and luck? You just need to keep searching! Good luck!

  20. Hello Hye,

    I'm from Uzbekistan and my Malaysian bf planning get married as soonest
    We both Muslims
    Is it possible apply marriage under tourist visa 1 month and if not enough time proceed in case exit to Singapore re enter to Malaysia

    Appreciate ur reply

    1. Hi Mila,

      Yes you may get married while holding tourist visa, and exit Singapore and re-enter Malaysia again to obtain another 1 month tourist visa if your current tourist visa is expiring before your marriage registration day.

  21. Dear Yoo,

    Many thanks for ur prompt reply!

  22. Hi Yoo,

    I am Yoon and Korean too, married to a Malaysian and recently obtained LTSVP (2yrs) with 1yr 'permission to work' (expected longer but not enough luck), working in a MNC.
    Recently my wife came up with a startup - registered as private limited (SDN, BHD) and thinking of joining that startup along with LTSVP and permission to work. There is one thing I am not so clear with. When submitting those company related documents (i.g. Form 9, Form 24 and Form 49 or Form D or Form E), is there any condition the company should be meeting? For example, its capital must be more than RM***,000 something like that? Since the company is just a startup, the amount of capital is not so grand. She just dump 1K to get all necessary documents done. I couldn't find any relevant info about this online at all... Do you have any idea? or anyone I can consult besides immigration officers? hahaha

    1. Hi Yoon,

      Sorry I have no idea about it, and I couldn't get any info of this online as well. The best way to find out is to consult the Immigration office I guess :)

      May I know how did the Immigration stated that you only allowed to work for 1 year in the work endorsement? From what is written in the work endorsement, once you obtain the work endorsement, you are allowed to work follow the validity of the LTSVP..just curious..Thanks

    2. Thank you for the comment. Oh well, that's sad to hear that. Wish that I had known someone from the immigration. hahaha

      For your question,
      I guess it worked in a different way for me. LTSVP came with a sticker on the passport and permission to work came on the next page of passport with the hand writing saying Mr.Yoon works for ABC company as a job role xyz from when to when which is shorter than LTSVP period itself.

      Having said that, I will need to renew the permission to work only after 1yr and again 1 yr later, renew LTVSP. What a waste of time..

    3. Thanks for your answer. Where did you did your LTSVP and work permit? Looks like different state has different rules and regulation? For my husband's LTSVP, the work endorsement is a chop (just filled his name, Malaysian spouse's name, mykard no.) and it is stated he is allow to work, carry out business or perform any forms of employment follow by his LTSVP validity. Yes it is indeed a waste of time and it did not compliance with their purpose of LTSVP.

      Anyway, you can call the immigration office and ask about your inquiries, even walk in to the immigration office and ask the questions. They will be able to assist you on this. :)

  23. My wife was cambodia citizen plan born baby in malaysia. what document should i bring to make LTSVP & how much bond need to pay?

    1. Hi Wil Lee,

      You may refer to my post at the above for all the details. Or pay a visit to immigration department to collect information and forms for application that will help too! Good luck!

  24. Hi guys, I have some add for you. If you want to apply for work endorsement pls make sure all your visa documents is applying same state to company location. If not you have to tranfer documents to company state will take time 2 to 3months and maybe can be reject to work from company :( I'm facing this problem now

    1. Hi Phuong Le,

      Thanks for the info. However, my husband is not working at the state where he applied his visa (Visa applied in Shah Alam, but my husband is working at Negeri Sembilan). And we didn't face any problem with that so far and he has renew his visa for another 4 years last month.

      May I know where you applied your visa and which state you working at? Thanks.

  25. My wife already fill the form for apply pass visit but need wait immigration office contact us for collect it. 2 week already still no new from immigration it's got other way we can check from online the pass visit approval or not?

    1. Hi Wil lee,

      The only way to find out the status is to call up the immigration, or pay them a visit. Good luck and all the best.

  26. Hi yoo... i got a question for u. Im indonesian married to a malaysian and i got my working endorsement last year. Now i've been working for more than a year. I wonder if i have to pay for tax income or not. What about ur husband? Does he pay tax income and if he does, what is the rate? Im afraid the foreigners have to pay more than the locals. So far i registered myself to LHDN but pay nothing. So i wonder if ur husband pay any income tax? I have done some research and some of the webpage said the foreigner have to pay 26% tax. Thats too much for me.
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Yes, my husband pay income tax every year (via e-Filing). In fact, most of the company payroll system will calculate and deduct certain amount from your salary to contribute to your income tax on monthly basis (PCB), so when you declare tax every year, you basically no need to pay much and sometimes you might contribute extra and get refund.

      If your yearly income is exceeded RM34,001 per year (after EPF deductions), you are required to pay tax. For you info, foreigners and locals pay the same amount of tax & there is no separate tax rate for citizen or non-citizen.

      26% deduction is only applicable to those yearly income RM100,001 on wards. Suggest you read this link below which will give you a clearer picture about Income tax in Malaysia:

      Feel free to drop me questions again if you have any.

  27. Hi Yoo,

    I am planning to apply the spouse visa for my husband this Monday. Your guide has been a great help, however, may I know besides having the third party sponsor present, are there any other documents needed? Like for example the payslip, bank statement etc?

    Hope to get a reply from you soon. Thank you!

    1. Hi Hajar,

      All the documents needed are listed in the checklist, maybe you can go thru my post again to get the info you need.

      If you are asking whether the guarantor (who is a third party) need to bring any documents, hereby I copy the requirement from the checklist for your reference.

      "No.23. Guarantor's statement letter (Wife/Guarantor who is a Malaysia citizen with income RM2000 and above) and attached the proof of income (3 months salary slips / J Form / EA / EC Form which is valid and issued by Employer)"

      Or, if you are referring your husband here, payslip, bank statement is needed only when you applying work endorsement later (after obtain the spouse visa).

      All the best for the spouse visa application on coming Monday.

    2. Hi i am unable to see any pictures in your blog, i believe the original source image is not available any more in that location. Can you please help. The information is very helpful, the links to the documents and the images will make it more useful. Thanks & Regards

    3. Hi Sathappan, I just came to realize that more than 50% of my blogpost pictures were missing and I am in the midst of replacing it. Try to check tomorrow, I will put this post as priority since many of you email me to inform me bout it. thanks.

  28. Hi Yoo,

    I just married a Malaysian and was offered a job as lecturer in a private university. Can apply a working permit although my spouse visa is only 6 months?


  29. Hi KH,

    I am not sure about if you can apply working permit via the 6 months spouse visa. Perhaps you need to check with the immigration office before you go over.

  30. The process in Sarawak os different though.LTSV holder has to convert the visa to employment pass in order to allow them to work in Sarawak.And the LTSV is only 1 year..not up to 5 years like in West Malaysia.Very hassle..

    1. I'm sorry to hear bout the hassle. I do aware that West Malaysian need to get visa or work permit in order to work and stay in East Malaysia but didnt know they only granted LTSVP for 1 year. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi, May I know does the application of spouse visa for korean husband require original certified birth certificate from both korean embassy and ministry of foreign affair?

    1. The birth certificate original copy is required only when we registered our marriage in Malaysia by the Embassy of Korea and Ministry of Foreign Affair. (READ my blogpost: However when we apply for LTSVP, his birth certificate is not required - it's not in the checklist either as you can see.

  32. Hi Dear Yoo,

    Thank you for supplying these useful and detailed informations. By reading your blog and the way I understand, does it mean that upon submission of the documents, the officer will provide some document and ask you to be back after 7 days to collect it? without having them to call or inform that its ready. Which means, upon submission, after 7 days, then it will be good to be collected? Also, for your items on No. 14-17, where can we get these forms? by the counter? or you prepared it yourself?

    Thank you and have a nice day. Sorry for the long questions. :))

    1. Hi Darrell,

      Glad you find the information is useful. No probs for the long question, I will try to answer based on our past experience:

      Perhaps I am not good in writing, let me explain again :) after the submission of complete docs, the immigration office will check thru and tell us if it is accepted. They did not say approved, just accepted - and ask us to on a fix date (which is 7 days later) to get the visa page and pay deposit. So I assume, it is approved. And yes, there was no call, we just return 7 days later on the date they set, hand over pasport and get visa where they stick it on passport page and it is done.

      And, ya, there will be an endorsement chop with a written serial number (or file number) in husband's Passport's Endorsements Page -> which is the proof of submission of the visa application where we just need to show the page when we return 7 days later to collect the visa and pay deposits. maybe I will upload picture of endorsement page later in the blog post for better understanding.

      Lastly, the forms was collected during our first visit when we make inquiries. Hope this help!

  33. Hi Dear Yoo,

    Also, why does it took 1 month time to get it as per your blog post, if assume we only need few days to prepare the documents and submit, if we count it this way, should only takes around 1-2 weeks from preparing docs until collecting the visa from immigration right? Sorry for the questions, as my spouse doesn't have that long of visa days available like your husband on each country, whereas she only has 30 days on each visit, hence I would have to have a very clear timeline for me to arrange the schedule and her flights.

    Thank you!

    1. Oh Darrell,

      I hope my reply is not too late for you. Well it doesn't has to be that long, in fact, once you collect the forms and filled up and get it certified by the commission of oath (each certification can last 3 months according immigration officer). You can immediately return the next day to submit and see if it can be approved right away. Hopefully the rules and process time has shorten by now since our experience was in year 2011.

      FYI, our process take long simply because husband wasn't able to take time off often, we need to get third party as guarantor (since I am not working at that time) also he has to travel oversea for biz trip for a week. All these sump up and it become 1 month time. I will try to rewrite the post someday to make it more understanding :) good luck with your visa application!

  34. hi Yoo and All,

    Anyone knows if ltvp with job endorsement need to be updated if we change job, if yes then how to change company name in the job endorsement?


    1. FYI, My husband work endorsement did not show company name, therefore I only update the immigrant when we renew his visa last year, where the updated and new endorsement does not show company name just like the previous one. Read: for how to update work endorsement.

  35. Hi Yoo,

    I'm a malaysian and my husband is from Hong Kong. We usually live in Australia but decide to go back KL for business. Just want to ask few question:

    1) Our Marriage certificate is from Australia. Do i need re-register in Malaysia in order to apply the
    visa for him?
    2) Pay slip from Malaysia ofcourse . Is it a must?

    Thank you

  36. Hi Miss Yoo,

    I got a question, do you know someone or any of your friends have gone through the experience to refund the security bonds for a foreign spouse? I am Malaysian and married to a foreign spouse. We were living in Malaysia but now we have migrated to Australia.


    1. Sorry KC, wish I could help but none of my friend neither us experience the refund process for the security deposit for LTSVP. Perhaps you could give a call to the immigration office to find out before pay a visit. Good luck and all the best.

  37. Hi Yoo,

    I would like to know how to proceed in applying a PR for my foreign husband. Right now he has a working visa which he renew every year before it's due. Now that we are married for a year (with a baby), can he apply for a PR?

    Thank You

    1. Hi there, not sure about working visa, but if the foreign spouse is holding a LTSVP for more than 5 years, he or she is eligible to apply PR (processing time can be months or years from what I know). In fact last year when we renewed husband's LTSVP for another 4 years (he has stayed in Malaysia more than 10 years), the immigration office told us that we can proceed to apply PR .. Perhaps this link is helpful for you, take a read:

      All the best :)

  38. Hello Yoo Hye In,

    I'm a Filipina married to a Chinese Malaysian just this may of 2017.
    I want to ask, is it really need to have job for 3 months before if applying for the LTSVP ?
    Because my husband resign in his previous work before we got married. Only this month of July 2017 that he got job. And we planning to apply for LTSVP this coming last week of august 2017.
    Do we still need guarantor.?

    Now i only have a extended social visa (or we know also as a tourist visa).

    Thank You For So Helpful,
    Filipina wife

    1. Hi Filipina wife,

      According to the T&C - either your husband or third party who become your Guarantor has to be Malaysia citizen with income RM2000 and above & attached the proof of income (3 months salary slips / J Form / EA / EC Form which is valid and issued by Employer).

      If your husband unable to provide 3 months salary slip, you might need to get another person who fulfill the above criteria. Suggest you check with the immigration before proceed. All the best and congratulations on your marriage.

  39. Hi...just want to ask,i have a fiance and we have 4year old son with him.. Ill be bck in sabah this november to be with them and got married so our son will got his birthcertificate as soon as we finalize our marriage... My concern is how long does it take to finish,because we only have 1month once i enter in sabah... I want my child to start schooling this coming year... And what is the sample of the invitation does he can make for me.. He dont have any idea.. Thx and more power...

    1. Suggest you contact the state / area immigration office (which you going to visit) to check how long it will takes, as different immigration practice different processing time. My post is for reference, no guarantee if the process will be the same. Good luck.

  40. Next month, I will be apply for LTSVP in KL, so I need information that apply for this visa,
    Husband and wife present together enough for apply this visa and don’t need any witness or guarantee.
    PL clears the doubt.

    1. From what's written in the visa application T&C, if your wife is your guarantor (& your wife fulfill the guarantor's T&C) then yes, you do not need 3rd party witness. However you should call up immigration to double confirm as T&C might change from time to time.

  41. Hi, a friend (foreigner) just lost her husband (local citizen) and she has only " a few months left on her visa". She has been married for 10 yrs but Late spouse never got around to applying for PR for her yet.
    She has young children. Wonder if she can Extend her visa and be able to work as well now that the Bread winner is deceased....
    Any advice is much appreciated.

    1. So sorry to hear about her loss. I would suggest your friend to visit the nearest Immigration to find out if she could renew the Visa. The visa will allow her to work so long she submit the requirement document (e.g. employment letter / contract) and get a work endorsement from the immigration.

  42. Hi Mrs Yoo,
    First,i would like to thank you for your great blog and detail explanation on the process of LTSVP.Kudos to you for making it and help many of us alot.
    I'm planning to do this LTSVP next year for my Taiwanese husband and would just to clarify, do we need to authenticate or verified our documents for example the copies of marriage cert, passport copies etc before we hand over to the immigration? Becuz we want to do it first in Taiwan before we go back to Malaysia next year. If it is needed to verified all,do we need to go to MOFA and MFTC or notary public office to get it verified?? Fyi,we registered our marriage in Malaysia first. Hope to hear from you soon and love ya blog so much! I 'd printed this page of yours and read over and over to understand the process. Its sad that the immigration website didn't provide the detail information needed and i guess they love to see us to go there many times. Huhu.. waiting for your informative reply. Thanks.

    1. Hi Marina,

      Received your email regarding the same question, I will reply you here in case anyone has the same question can refer to here.

      According to our experience, there's NO NEED to authenticate / verified the photocopies of Marriage Certs, Passport, I/C, Birth Cert etc. as the Immigration will request for the Original copy (for verification /authentication purpose).

      The process should be more or less similar to ours since you registered your marriage in Malaysia - you just need to submit your Malaysia Marriage Certs. Otherwise, you might have go thru extra steps such translating your International Marriage Certs to Malay / English and get it notarized by the authorities.

      Also, Muslim and non-Muslim might have different forms - suggest you pay a visit to collect the forms and make inquiry when you come back to Malaysia.

      I'm glad you find the blogpost helpful as that the purpose of me writing this post :) Thank you.

    2. Hi Mrs.Yoo! Thanks so much for your reply.. really appreciate it and im bit relieved to hear that it doesnt need to undergo the authentication for all of the documents. And yes, luckily we registered our marriage first in Malaysia thats a savior i guess. One more thing, on the security bond.. i cannot become the guarantor to hubby as im not working yet,we will move to Malaysia next year and everythings new so do the assigned guarantor(im thinking to ask my cousin) need to fill in a form or what kind of documents do he need to prepare? Ic copies perhaps?

    3. Hi Marina,

      You may refer to No.23 :
      - Guarantor's statement letter (Wife/Guarantor who is a Malaysia citizen with income RM2000 and above)
      - Proof of income (3 months salary slips / J Form / EA / EC Form which is valid and issued by Employer)
      - Both husband & wife as well as the guarantor (if guarantor is third party) has to be PRESENT together during the submission.

      In order to respect the Guarantor who is a third party, we did not kept a copy of the Guarantor's Statement Letter - as it contain all the personal info of the Guarantor (e.g. Name, Address, I/C., D.O.B, Salary Amount etc). We forget to keep a copy of the blank form as well. Anyway beside the letter, just need to attached Guarantor's 3 months salary slip (or other relevant docs if no payslip) as stated in No.23.

      Not too worry about the photocopy. There's always a photocopy service available nearby the Immigrations in case you need to make extra copy.

    4. Hi mrs yoo.. thanks for your clear reply. Now i know what to expect when i go to the immigration. One more thing that im still in the clouds is the security bond. I assumed they will give us the security bond form to fill in and we need to go to LHDN to verify that security bond ? Or is it the payslip of the guarantor need to be duty stamping at LHDN? Im bit confused bout the security bond process.

    5. In our case, during the submission, after the immigration officer checked thru all the forms & docs, the officer then hand us back the filled security bond and direct us to go stamping. Stamping doesn't required gurantor to be present. Either one (the husband or wife) can do the stamping but normally both will go together cuz usually the foreign spouse not good in Bahasa Melayu.

      I would suggest to double check with the Inquiry counters or immigration officer when you collect forms at your first visit - that when should you get the security bond stamp. Just in case rules changed.

    6. Thanks mrs Yoo,i take note all of your useful replies and will make sure it again once i arrived at Malaysian immigration. I think the procedure is quite the same only maybe the forms would be different as different state had a different management. Wish the process are integrated so that it would be easier for others to work with.

    7. You are welcome and Good luck, Marina!

  43. Hi Mrs Yoo! Your post and Q&As are so helpful!
    I was just wondering if you had come across anyone or know of how to go about application of spouse visa if both husband and wife are earning foreign incomes?

    I am Malaysian and my husband is Filipino. We are both working in Singapore and drawing Singapore salaries. We are considering relocating to Malaysia, and LTSVP is a cheaper visa option than MM2H. So as a sponsor, I know I would have to declare my current employer and salary. Would there be any problems if the employer and salary declared is not in Malaysia?
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. Hi,

      I have no answer for your questions since I didn't come across. It's better for you to contact / consult on Immigration on this matter :) Or perhaps you could share with us here after you check and know the answer? Thanks.

  44. Dear Mrs Yoo,

    Thank you very much for your blog post - it has been most useful!

    I'd like to clarify about the application for work endorsement - did your husband receive his work endorsement on his first application or only at the extension of his application?

    My Italian husband and I just submitted his application yesterday, and unfortunately, the rules have changed - it now takes one month (30 days) for his LTSVP to be approved. And, he cannot apply for work endorsement until he extends his visa. I wonder if this is something that any of your readers have encountered?

    It is slightly discouraging considering that he has received a great job offer.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    Best regards, C

    1. Dear Sunny,

      Did the officer explain why your husband are not allow to apply for work endorsement until he extends his visa? I believe it could be due to several reasons, try to ask different officer instead of asking the same person. It could be the his first visa that he obtain is short period? As I understand from others reader some of them obtain only 6 months visa for first application. But just my guessing, hope there's an answer for your question.

      As for my husband, he obtained the work endorsement in first application. In fact, he has start working at that time, his company is in the midst of applying a work permit for him after he joined the company. But my husband chose to get the work endorsement from spouse visa instead, so he won't tie up too long with the same company.

      Anyway if at the end, the answer is still work endorsement is not able to obtain at first application , why not consider to get a work permit first since it is yearly basis, in order not to miss out the great offer, then change it to work endorsement later when he finally allow to apply.

      Good luck and all the best!

    2. Dear Mrs Yoo,

      Thank you for your reply.

      No explanation was given, other than 'it is like this'... They did ask if he had already been working, and we said no... and in asking different people, we have been advised to appeal to the officer as we have been married for almost 2 years and have a good job offer.

      My husband will be receiving a 6 months visa first. The company briefly mentioned that they have reached their expat work quota, but we will go to ask them again to see if there is any leeway.

      We don't know if it is just the Shah Alam branch that has been changed or if it has affected other branches as well. In any case, I have been following recent comments from your blog and others that it seems that it is not an isolated case.

      Also, how did you make a request to have the file transferred to KL office - did you have to submit any paperwork?

      Thank you.

      Best regards,

    3. Dear C / Sunny,

      I guess the first 6 months visa is the reason why no work endorsement can be given. 6 months is generally too short for a work endorsement or work permit (work permit usually 1 year and above). But the answer "it is like this" really unacceptable. Any reason why they give 6 months first? due to your husband's passport validity? or it is a new rules that they are practice now?

      I have readers who email me instead of comment here, majority of them went to the same immigration as mine, and apparently most of them saying that their spouse only allow to get 6 months visa at first apply, some of them even get 3 months only (depending on the origin country). If appeal is allow, do give a try. Otherwise, looks like until your husband gets more than 6 months visa at next extends, then he only can get the work endorsement.

      Note: My husband gotten his 5 years visa at first application (Korean passport is up to 10 years validity). At that time (year 2011), the 5 years spouse visa just introduced. And I would say, that time it wasn't that many people apply for spouse visa. But last year when we extend his visa, the queue is unbelievable long (that's where we can see the huge increase of spouse visa application in just 5 years time). So I guess, this could be the reason why the Immigration has been strict on rules of getting a long term spouse visa nowadays.

      And, nope, I haven't request for the transfer. I plan to do it end of this year or early next year since I still have plenty f time for it (husband's visa due on Year 2020). I will definitely share if I have done it.

      Keep me (or us) posted and look forward for a good news from you!

    4. Hi Sunny, we have the same problem. Do u mind to whatsapp me to share our experience? 018-9180553.Thanks in advance. Btw, thank you so much for the information Yoo Hye In..It's really helpful :)

    5. Hi Mrs yoo and sunny,
      I just back from making the LTSVP for hubby and yes its a new rules from the immigration to give 6months for hubby to stay and a year for the next and will be extend to 5 years on the 3rd time. The rules do change according to state and time.I guess what Mrs Yoo said the queue is unbelievable long is true! I experienced it myself last week!! And ours need to wait after lunch hour in order to get call for our turn! We follow every steps that Mrs yoo already written down in this blog and everything went smoothly except they accept me as the guarantor although i didn't get any job yet in here. So far they didn't ask to bring any guarantor but we do standby a guarantor in case they call for it. During submitting the form,i asked the officer 2 times to make sure about the guarantor but he said no need others to become the guarantor,a wife is sufficient. Others are the same only slightly different in terms of if your id card is not johorean you will need an electric or water bills to proof your address.In my case, i am johorean and the address i used in the form is all the same with my id card so no need bills to bring to proof. Note that,this information you will only get once you get the form at the counter so for johorean who wants to do LTSVP this info might be useful. Other than that, all the same as what mrs yoo already mentioned here. Good luck to others whos still in process ��

    6. Dear Marina,

      Thanks for the sharing. The information will definitely helps those who are going to apply for LTSVP! Thumbs up!

  45. Dear Ms. Yoo, thanks so much for your details steps to apply the LTSVP. It will be my 1st application. My husband is Malaysian, do he need to present together when i just go for inquiries to collect the check list and forms ? (1st visit) thank you so much


    1. Hi Zoe,

      If you are visit the immigration to make inquiries & collect forms only -the foreign spouse is not required to be present. Only submission of application and collection of visa/passport both required to be present.

  46. May I know the requirements for the wedding photo needed for the spouse visa application? Does it have to be taken in a studio ?

    1. Hi Elsie,

      It doesn't has to be taken in studio. We held our wedding and wedding photo shooting many months later after visa obtained. So, we submitted 2 photos that we taken during our Marriage Registration at Putrajaya (Putrajaya JPNM has nice backdrops and we dressed up as well), it is accepted. You can verify this with the immigration when you collect the application form.


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