Desa Sri Hartamas, Han Kang Restaurant | 李家麵屋 | 함흥냉면

Newly open Korean Restaurant in town. Spotted the shop last 2 weeks but they yet open for business. The shop location previously was Japin Japanese Restaurant, didn't notice when is it closed down for business. This morning when we went to Desa Sri Hartamas looking for brunch, the shop has open for business and a lot of eater inside (99% are Koreans). 

The shop with RED signboard is the NaengMyeon Shop. Not sure what is that 3 fellas doing there - sitting in front of the shop at the guest waiting area doing nothing and they are not the shop worker either.

The yuksu - meat broth tea, taste savoury. This is the first time ever I had yuksu in a naengmyeon shop in Malaysia. Reminds me of Neho Naengmyeom in Busan. The yuksu here already seasoned with salt. While the one I had in Busan is not added any seasoning.

The side dish are kimchi and mu-kimchi (white raddish kimchi). On top left of the picture are the red chilli paste and salted shrimp paste (for my husband's order - dweji gukbap). Usually Kkakdugi (red cubed radish kimchi) will be serve together with dweji-gukbap. But here they don't provide that.

Dweji-gukbap | 돼지국밥 (RM20.00)
Husband have Dweji gukbap as his brunch. Dweji-gukbap is the signature dish of Busan. My first time have dweji-gukbap was in Busan, a famous Dweji-gukbap shop nearby husband's home. The dweji-gukbap here taste good. Husband added some shrimp paste in it make it more tasty before eat.

Bibimbap-Naengmyeon | 비빔냉면 (RM19.00)
Since this shop is specialize in Naengmyeon (Hamheung-style noodles), for sure we won't miss to try out their Naengmyeong (cold noodle). Hamheung-style mean the noodle is made from potato or sweet potato starch. I choose Bibim-naengmyeon. Bibim actually mean Mixed, but here it means Naengmyeon without broth (dried) but substitutes a dollop of red pepper sauce for broth.

Their menu is placed on both side of the wall. Customer can refer to the wall menu to choose what they want. 

It's good to have a NaengMyeong speciality shop in town. Since they operation hour is 11am till 5pm, we have a "Korean food" choice when we look for brunch.