SoonDaeYa Korean Restaurant, Ampang | 순대야

Quite some time we didn't go to Ampang for Korean food. Lately husband miss sundae (Korean pork sausage) and he always ate the sundae that selling at I love Topokki, Kim's Mart at Solaris Mont' Kiara. But the portion is quite small for the price we pay, also it is not that tasty since they are using those frozen sundae that they are selling in the mart. So we are here for fresh sundae and this restaurant is famous with their delicious sundae among Koreans who live here. 

The restaurant entrance - restaurant is located at first floor of the shop lot - above the Arab mini-market & Nabe Bakery. Be-sure you look for this landmark when you search for it as the signage is rather small and not noticeable when we walk through corridor while looking for the shop.  

After we enter the shop, first thing we saw is the cashier counter after the entrance glass door.

There are 2 private corners (rooms with roller binds) where the wall are filled with graffiti that filled - mostly written in Koreans. 

The restaurant interior is simple and cozy, wooden wall that divide rooms and public sitting area, wooden table and benches. The interior reminds me of those Makgoelli-jib (Restaurant or place that that selling Korean rice wine in Korea). Not many diners spotted in the shop probably because it is Sunday. 

The menu is very straight-forward and choices is less but that's the dishes that make the restaurant famous for. 

After we sit down, the server will served 2 pots of Napa kimchi and kkaktugi. It's free flow ~ meaning you can take any amount / portion you want from the pot to the plate. Both kimchi and kkatugi are very fresh and crunchy! One of the best we ever tried so far! 

We order Bossam (Boiled Pork belly with Korean Ginseng) and Soondae (Steamed cow / pig's intestine that are stuffed with sweet rice and sweet potato vermicelli noodles). And we receive extra two FREE side dish ~ steamed egg and spring onion pancake as "service 서비스". Most of the Korean restaurant are very generous in giving "service", especially when your order is above certain amount. Read this article to understand the culture of service in Korea. 

SoonDaeYa Korean Restaurant
Address: Jalan Ampang Putra, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+603-4251 5170