Apgujeong, Solaris Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur | 압구정

If you like Korean BBQ pork and you are looking for one in Solaris Mont' Kiara, I would recommend you try out Apgujeong. We have been here for BBQ pork several times and the quality of the food & service is remain great as our first visit. We don't often go for Korean BBQ when we dine out at Korean restaurant, because whenever husband have 회식 (company dinner) most of the time they will go for Korean barbecue restaurant. Today I feel like eating it, so husband suggest to celebrating our wedding anniversary here at Apgujeong.

So far we never cook the meat by our-self, most of the Korean Restaurant has waiter to cook for you. The waiter first serve us the ban-chan (side dishes), a complimentary dwenjang-jigae (Fremented soya bean paste soup with tofu) and also ingredients for the wrap (lettuce, sesame leaves, garlice slices, onion slices soak in vinegar, samjjang and sesame oil with salt). Another waiter came with the hot coals and place it into the barbecue area then laid the grill on top of it.

Not long later, the waiter came back with our orders. We order 1 serving of Gochujang samgyeopsal and 1 serving of Muk-sal & Hanjeongsal. He placed them on the grill and cook with a tong. When the meat about to cook until well-done, he cut the meat into pieces with scissors and cook for another few minutes. He then remove the cooked meat and place it into two bowls equally for me and my husband to enjoy our meal. Meanwhile, he changed the grill and start cooking another meat for us.

고추장 삼겹살~ Pork belly marinated with Korean Chili Paste. I like the not so spicy yet a little sweet taste in the meat (great marinade!). The pork belly is very juicy and tender too!

Moksal  &  Hanjeongsal
Beside pork belly, Koreans loves to eat moksal and hanjeongsal too. Moksal (목살) is neck meat or pork chop. Moksal is beautifully marbled, tastes great grilled and has a deep flavor. It typically comes in normal pork chop size and is then cut in into bite size pieces with a scissor as it is grilled.

Hanjeongsal (한정살) is the thin meat strips from front park of neck which has a detailed cuts with little bit fats attached on the meat and very few portions come from one pig. These part is texturally quite different from other pork cuts - a bit chewy yet it is tender and juicy.

The restaurant has indoors and outdoor barbecue tables ~  If you dislike to become smelly due to the barbecue like me, outdoor definitely a great choice!. Apgujeong is located on the 1st floor, above OleOle Bali Restaurant (or opposite Chilla Cup or Bon-ga Korean Restaurant).