Kah Hing Vietnamese Restaurant | 嘉興越南特色河粉湯, Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut

My neighbor auntie once bought me here to have delicious Vietnamese braised trotters noodle for lunch, I like it very much and I bought husband here to taste it the following weekend. Then husband introduce it to his Korean friends and everyone like it too .. lol..

Now that Ga Yoon is living with us for summer holiday, husband and I once bought her here for lunch and she likes that alot as well. Today after pick her up from her English class, when I ask her what she want to have for lunch, she told she miss the braised pork trotters noodle..hahaha! 

Vietnamese Braised Trotters Noodle @ RM7.00
To be honest, with RM7.00 it is impossible to get these much of braised trotters in KL nowadays. Despite the affordable price, the taste is the main reason that draw us back again and again.

Vietnamese Pork Ribs Noodle @ RM7.00
Throw back our last visit, husband tried their braised pork ribs noodle and he like this more than the braised trotters noodle. 

While me still loyal to my one and only choice ~ Braised Trotters noodle. On left pic is Vietnamese coffee, the coffee is dripping from the top equipment to the cup. The cup contain a thin layer of sweet condense milk ,so after the dripping process done, just remove the coffee drip equipment and stir well and you can enjoy the thick and aromatic Vietnamese coffee. 

The interior of the restaurant. During meal hours, it can be very pack and have to wait for the table available. Parking can be an issue but if you don't mind to walk a little, you can easily find a place to park at one street behind. 

Attached their menu for reference.