Gangwon-do, Chuncheon si, Dongnamu-jib Dakgalbi | 강원도 춘천 통나무집닭갈비

Husband was on business trip to Korea for a week. He visit one his friend who live in Gangwon-do in the weekend and his friend has bought him to one of the famous Dakgalbi in Chuncheon - Dongnamu-jib Dakgalbi! Dongnamu means Log wood and jib is house - I guess the name is after the restaurant which built with log-wood. 

The order menu. The "T" stands for 2 pax or 2 servings. Korean like to use the chinese word "正" to represent no.1 till no.5.

Each table is equipped with this large grill pan in the centre of the table - standard setup for Dakgalbi restaurant.

The restaurant is full house especially in the weekend. It is one of the mat-jib (맛집) that recommend by 3 major Korea TV Channel ~ KBS, SBS and MBC so people won't mind to drive all the way to Chuncheon for the Dakgalbi.

Dongchimi - cold radish soup. The dongchimi in Korea usually contain gochugaru, different from the dongchimi that served in Uncle Jang Dakgalbi in Malaysia.

2 Servings of Dakgalbi which consists of boneless chicken parts, cabbage, green onions, rice cake and red and spicy marinate sauce.

The secret of making the dakgalbi famous is lies on their own special marinate sauce.

 The server use a steel spatula to stir fried the dakgalbi on the heated grill pan.

Cooking done! Yum yum ..I wish I can taste the original Chuncheon Dakgalbi too someday!

 Lettuce, onion and garlic slice and ssamjang for the wraps.

Husband (or Koreans) usually will left at least 1/4 of the serving for the fried rice later. The fried rice is not included with the dakgalbi so you need to order seperately. The balance of dakgalbi will be move aside, and server will cook the fried rice which consist of lettuce and the spicy red sauce. 

The fried rice that absorb the balance of the of sauce from dakgalbi earlier - yummy! Recommended you must have the fried rice even you feel full. It is really tasty and we normally won't miss to have fried rice no matter how full we are. ^^

Chuncheon Dongnamu-jib Dakgalbi | 춘천 통나무집닭갈비 
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