About us

WHO are we?
Korean husband who born in Snake year & Malaysian Wife who born in Goat year. 

WHEN & WHY I blog?
I started to blog in 2010 after we relocated to Shah Alam, Selangor. I blog to keep a record of our life as Korean Husband and Malaysian Wife :- "Where we go", "What we do", "What we see" & "What we eat". Also my journey of learning cooking Korean food. 

WHAT I blog?
Beside travels and some information about Korean husband who married Malaysian wife and living in Malaysia. Most of the post is about food - especially Korean food hunting and cooking Korean food, since we are living in a neighborhood surrounded by Korean restaurants and Korean Marts, and...husband and I love Korean food. 

WHERE are we?
Currently we are living in Kuala Lumpur. 

HOW we meet?
- Husband first set his foot in Malaysia in 2004. 
- We met on 2006 and spent around 4 years together in Penang. 
- Relocated to Shah Alam and get married on the same year Putrajaya in 2010.
- Moved down to Kuala Lumpur 1.5 years later after husband changed a new job till present. 

.... Thanks for stopping by and read our blogs...


  1. I met my Korean husband 5 years ago and got married last year. I have been studying Korean for 2 years but whenever I visit my MIL in Korea, I am still unable to speak properly with her in Korean. I felt pressured and stress when I see her frustration for being unable to communicate with me properly. Do speak fluent Korean to your in laws? or can they speak English fluently? How do you cope with the language difference?

    1. Hi there, my in laws cannot speak English and they speak heavy Busan dialect which is big challenge for me to understand with my not so fluent Korean. It's hard to be able to speak Korean well if we do not have anybody to practice Korean daily especially we don't live in Korea. But what I do is, I try to memorized those essential words or sentence that I think it will be use daily when I visit Korea. with my husband's supports in translating the conversation sometimes, we are able to communicating well. Give yourself more time to learn how to speak Korean well, after several visits and more conversation, you definitely will learnt and become better. Cheers!


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