Gil-geori Toast | 길거리 토스트 | Korean Street Toast

You probably know or had eaten the Korean street toast from Isaac toast & Coffee. The toast with omelette topped with ham, bacon, cheese, pickles, shredded cabbage and drizzle with tomato ketchup & mayo, pair with coffee as a set meal with affordable price. I too, first know about this street toast from Issac toast in 2014 when we stayed at a guesthouse @ Doro-doro alley, Myeongdong. Every morning my parents would grab toast & coffee from Issac Toast store which is just 50m away from the guesthouse.  

However, you might not know this street toast is has been commonly selling at the street carts since 20 years ago. It is called 길거리 토스트 (Read : Gil-geo-ri Toast) - usually made of buttery toast with a thick layer of veggie omelette, top with sugars, ketchup and mayonnaise. When husband was an university student, he used to queue and grab this street toast as a quick bite, together with milk before heading to class. Issac toast & Coffee has improvise this street toast with various choice of extra topping and franchise it in 2003, successfully make it a popular breakfast choice not just in Korea, but also international. 

Today, I am going to remake this Korean street toast the original way! Simple buttery toast with veggie omelette inside, together with cabbage slices, pinch of sugar, mayo & tomato ketchup! Once you master how to make the basic street toast, you can change the flavour by adding ham, bacon, cheese, spam etc whichever combination you prefer. 

Ingredient (for 2 pax) :

Sandwich bread - 4 slices 
Egg - 2pcs
Cabbage - thinly sliced (1 handful)
Carrot - thinly grated (1/4 handful)
Green onion - thinly sliced (1/8 handful)
Salt - a pinch
Black pepper - a few
Sugar - a few pinch
Tomato Ketchup  

* 1 handful about half cup 

How to cook :

Step 1. 
Thinly slice the cabbage and green onion, grated the carrot and place all into a mixing bowl. Separate out a little bit of the thinly slice cabbage for topping use.

Crack 2 eggs into the bowl, sprinkle some black pepper and add a pinch of salt, mix well. 

Step 2. 
Spread butter evenly on both side of the bread. Heat up the grill pan on low heat, place them on a grill pan and cook until golden brown - or crunchy. Repeat the step until all 4 slices of bread done, set aside. 

Step 3. 
On the same grill pan, maintain at low heat, melt a dollop (a tablespoon) of butter and spread all around the pan. Pour in the egg veggie batter and spread it evenly into square shape. 

Since I don't have a rectangular egg pan and I am using a 30cm grill pan here, I cook the omelette in thin layer and split it into 4 parts so that I can flip it over easily to cook on other side. You can cook the omelette in size of 2 breads length if you have a egg-pan. The omelette will looks thicker than this.

Flip over and cook until other side is cook, it take around 2-3 minutes for 1 side to be cook. 

Step 4. 
Place the omelette on top the bread. 

On one side - sprinkle a pinch or two of sugars on top of the omelette, and squeeze some mayonnaise & tomato ketchup on top of it. On another side, place the thinly slice cabbage on top. 

Step 5.
Combine them together and it is done! Simple and quick Korean street toast is ready!

Cut it into half, or eat it in whole, or fold them into triangle shape and stuff into a paper cup like how the street toast was served (by the street cart vendors). Hope you enjoy the street toast like us did!