Busan, Allak-dong, Cafe Melbourne @ Oncheon-cheon | 온천천 멜버른

Day 24
Autumn in Busan, 2017

After Bubbas, Cafe Melbourne is the second cafe I visited at Oncheoncheon Cafe Street. Husband was on day trip to Gyeongsangbuk-do, I was home alone after sending him off to take train in dawn; parents in law were out for work too. Just when I am lazy and going to cook myself ramyeon as brunch, onni (husband's cousin sister) popped out at the front door and bought me here at Cafe Melbourne for brunch! 

Cafe Melbourne is a brunch cafe that serving brunch all day long. Does the ambient feels like those brunch cafe in Melbourne? The cafe is renovated from a two-storey house - first floor (which is ground floor in Korea) is cafe while second floor is private house. The interior is cozy and there is a lot of cute decos & stuffs everywhere, but I can only do a quick browse since onni is on her lunch break and she needs to get back to work after the meal. 

We are sitting at the terrace, however the windows were closed today. It would be nice if it is open since it is early autumn and the breeze is a little cool yet warm from sunshine. In spring, those trees stretch along Oncheoncheon where we can see outside of the window will bloom into beautiful pinky cherry blossom. That's where the cafes along the cafe street will be very fully occupied as many people will come here to enjoy coffee with cherry blossom view.

Melbourne Brunch @ 13,500won
Soft & fluffy scramble egg made from antibiotic-free eggs, homemade sausage & bacons, homemade cranberry bread & french baguette toast, served with baked bean in tomato ketchup sauce, organic salads with balsamic dressing sauce & homemade ricotta cheese. I love that ricotta cheese very much! The brunch has included a drink - you can choose either Americano or juice (orange, grapefruit or grapes juice). Extra 500won will be charge if you ask for cold drink. 

Both of us go for the same choice ~ Melbourne brunch & Americano.

Onni probably will scold me for putting her picture here in blog lol! She said she looks funny here, but onni, I don't looks pretty either with no make-up. So we are tied *wink* Thanks to you onni, I have a yummy brunch + delicious coffee with nice view again! I feel blessed! 

For those who are driving : they have very limited parking space - only 2 lots! You can park along the alley beside the cafe so long it is not obstruct the traffic or blocking other house's entrance. Illegal parking along the cafe street is strictly prohibited & it is controlled by CCTV. Get the cafe's staff to assist you for parking if necessary. 

How to go:
[Busan Subway] From Busan National Univ. of Education Station 교대역 (Busan Subway Donghae Line), Exit at Exit 6. follow the stream and walk along; cross the stream to the opposite when came across any bridge that linked in between, you will see restaurants and cafes along the stream after 15mins (or more) walk.

Cafe Melbourne 온천천 멜버른
Address : 3 Oncheoncheon-ro, 441beon-gil, Allak-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea
                    부산광역시 동래구 안락동 온천천로 441번길 3
Phone : +8251-523 1135
Facebook : Facebook.com/OncheoncheonMelbourne/