Myeongrang Shidae Ssal Hotdog | 명랑시대 쌀 핫도그 - Korean Style Mozzarella Cheese Corn Dog

Day 2
Autumn in Busan, 2017

We passed by this 핫도그 (hotdog) franchise store selling hotdog from 1,000won each onwards while on our way walked home after lunch at Knife cut noodle @ Togok Hyeondae Kalguksu.
We decided to share 1 since we couldn't resist, lol!

This Korean common street food named "hotdog" is corn-dog actually - a sausage on a stick coated in a thick layer of batter and deep fried, origin from US. Not sure why it was named "hot-dog" in Korea, probably because there's a sausage inside.

Myeong-rang Shi-dae Ssal Hot-ddog (명랑시대 쌀 핫도그) where the Headquarters in Pusan ​​National University gain popularity since operate in July 2016. It begin to expand out of Busan in January 2017 onwards and up-to-date it has exceeded 600 franchise stores in most parts of the country including Seoul & Gyeonggi-do.

Price starting from 1,000won only for a basic hot-dog, if added extra ingredients it cost little more extra from 1,500won each, not exceeded 2,000won. The price is so affordable just like those hot-dog selling on the street,  it became popular especially among students with low budget. 

Menu of different types of hotdog available:
  • 명랑 Myeong Rang : the Original hotdog
  • 체다 Cheddar cheese + hotdog
  • 모짜 Mozzarella cheese + hotdog
  • 먹물모짜 Mozzarella cheese + hotdog with squid ink
  • 점보 Jumbo Hot Dog
  • 떡 Tteok (rice cakes) inside instead of hotdog
We order the Mozzarella Cheese Ssal Hotdog @ 1,500won since that is the most popular item in the store. While waiting for the hotdog to be cook - Yes, the staff only prepare the hotdog and deep fried it upon order - ensure that the hotdog is fresh and hot when deliver it to customer, one of the staff served us some fresh juicy Korean pears ~ FOC~ so nice!

Ta-daa! Our order is ready! We ask to sprinkle only sugars on the Mozzarella Cheese Hotdog when the staff asked us what we prefer for the topping. Husband prefer the original way on that usually sold on the street (he has an old man taste lol).  

You may also add sauce such as Ketchup, Cheese Mustard, Honey Mustard, Sweet Chili, Hot Ketchup Sauce and Cheddar Cheese; and topping which is Sugar, Parmesan Cheese Powder, Cheese Powder and Honey Butter. 

There's no limitation, customer can mix any of the choice up to own preference. If you not sure what's the best combination, below are the recommendation for first timer: 

Option 1 : Ketchup + Mustard Honey (the original flavour for years)
Option 2 : Ketchup + Mustard Cheese or Cheddar Cheese 
Option 3 : Sweet Chili + Mustard + Ketchup + Parmesan cheese powder 

After a bite on it, we tried to pull the cheese string. That's how much I can pull out since it is still very hot inside, can't really take a big bite on it. 

Forgot to mention, Myeongrang Shidae selling ssal-hotdog (ssal means rice in Korean), where the corn dog is coated with rice flour batter instead of normal wheat flour batter. The corn dog surface is more rough and the texture is more crusty compare to normal corn-dog I've ate before. Give a try if you happens to pass by any of the franchise store nearby. 

Myeongrang Shidae Ssal Hotdog (명랑시대쌀핫도그)
Website : http://명랑시대협동조합.com/
Phone : 070-7721-8848