Busan, Yeonsan-dong, Togok Hyeondae Kalguksu (Knife Cut Noodle) | 부산 연산동 토곡 현대칼곡수

Day 2
Autumn in Busan, 2017

Our second day lunch - a late one, is Kalguksu 칼국수 (handmade knife cut noodle in soup). This Togok Hyeondae Kalguksu Restaurant is my mother in law's personal favourite kalguksu-jib in the neighborhood. It is not a famous matjib but somehow it is well-known for it's delicious kalguksu among the people who live in the neighborhood. 

The restaurant is located in the alley off from main road - Gwajeong-Ro. Turn left (9 o'clock) into the junction after Hyundai Oilbank Petrol Station and before Hyundai Oilbank is Lotteria (From Gobun-Ro direction). Where you can see Togok-ro at 2 O'clock direction.

The food price is average, the portion is generous too! I translated their menu below for those who don't understand Korean but wish to know what is available:

손칼국수 (Son Kalguksu) ~ Handmade Knife Cut Noodle Soup
들깨칼국수 (Duelkkae Kalguksu) ~ Handmade Knife Cut Noodle in Perilla Seed Powder Soup
비빔 칼국수 (Bibim Kalguksu) ~ Mixed Handmade Knife Cut Noodle (dry)
손 수제비 (Son Sujebi) ~ Hand Pulled Dough Soup
들깨 수제비 (Duelkkae Sujebi) ~ Hand Pulled Dough in Perilla Seed Powder Soup
묵밥 (Mukbab) ~ Acorn Jelly Soup with Rice
물만두 (Mul Mandu) ~ Boiled Korean Dumplings
*포장시500추가 Extra charges of 500won if take-away

Beside hot soup, cold soup is available too!
냉 콩칼국수 (Neng Kong-Kalguksu) ~ Handmade Knife Cut Noodle in Cold Soybean Soup 
냉 칼국수 (Neng Kalguksu) ~ Handmade Knife Cut Noodle in Cold Soup

What we order: (Left) Duelkkae Sujebi (Hand Pulled Dough in Perilla Seed Powder Soup) for husband and Bibim Kalguksu (Mixed Handmade Knife Cut Noodle.) for wife. Diced radish kimchi (Kkakdugi) and yellow pickle radish (danmuji) is served as side dish along with the order. 

들깨 수제비 Duelkkae Sujebi @ 5,550 won
Husband loves soft & chewy hand pulled dough (Sujebi). The soup (from anchovy broth) has a nutty and milky texture after added perilla seed powder into cooking. I myself like the unique taste of grind perilla seeds and the crunchiness after added into soup or stew, for example Gamjatang (Pork Potato Stew). 

비빔 칼국수 Bibim Kalguksu @ 5,500 won 
I often goes for dry version than soup when it comes to noodle! This bibim kalguksu's bibim sauce taste just nice~ slightly spicy but not too much, and it has mild sweetness in it, taste pretty much like bibim-naengmyeon except the noodle replace with kalguksu.

냉 칼국수 Neng Kalguksu @ 5,500won
This Handmade Knife Cut Noodle in Cold Soup is for husband's second brother who arrived later for a quick meal. Initially he wants Kalguksu in cold soybean soup, but mother in law gets it wrong and he gets Neng Kalguksu instead. It will be very refreshing to have cold broth in summer but since now it is early autumn, weather is cold at night, so I will only try this cold broth next time if we back in summer.

Togok Hyeondae Kalguksu 토곡 현대 칼국수
Address: 480-34, Yeonsan-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan  부산 연제구 연산동 480-34
Phone: 051-755-5523