Busan, Suyeong-gu, DakBal Eui JiJon (Sweet & Spicy Chicken Feet) | 부산 수영구 광안동 닭발의지존

Day 1
Autumn in Busan, 2017

We went back to Busan for 1 month for a long break during Autumn at end September till end October last year. Our dinner for the first day in Busan is sweet & spicy chicken feet (닭발 Dakbal) and clam stew (조개탕 Jogaetang ) from  a famous mat-jib in the neighborhood - Dakbal Eui JiJon 닭발의지존 (or 닭발의至尊 which means The highest / Top of Dakbal). According to cousin sister this is the best Dakbal in Busan. And she called up for takeout, and we pick-up while on our way home from Dong-Busan, so we could enjoy it at home together with my in-laws.

This restaurant has operate for more than 30 years! It is a 3 storey restaurant but husband who took the photos for me while collecting the take-out miss out the important point, LOL. There's no parking place next to the restaurant, customers who drive needs to park at a paid carpark behind the alley. 

Their business hour is 4pm to 12am daily. Suggest you go early as the restaurant will be full house starting from 6pm onwards. The long bench in front of the restaurant is built for customer who wait for the table. It's weekday and near to after office hour while we were there, so no queue spotted yet. 

There's only 2 dish in the menu: Dakbal and Jogaetang, where Small serving @ 10,000won and Large serving @ 15,000won. Normally customer will go for both Dakbal and Jogaetang as that's the best combination I ever taste so far. 

Cousin sister order 2 small serving dakbal (we split into 3 plates here). The portion is very generous for small serving!  We also order 1 small serving Jogaetang and it required self-boiling - just like how it served in restaurant - the Jogaetang will be boiling over the portable gas on the table. While waiting for Jogaetang boiling in the kitchen, we start eating and I would say Dakbal and Jogaetang really make a perfect combo! We enjoy the food so much until no one rememeber to take picture for the Jogaetang at all haha!

The chewy texture from cartilage and skin from paw coated with marinate sauce, makes me forget about I am chewing on a gross chicken feet. I think I ate more than 10 chicken feet plus a large bowl of Jogaetang. My in-laws and cousin sis very surprise to see me can handle spicy so well, compare to my husband who claimed it is too spicy for him and he only took few pieces in this meal. 

The Jogaetang taste is perfect to wash away the spiciness and it taste so fresh and sweet (sweetness from seafood & veggie) if taken together with Dakbal. The combination also goes very well with soju and beer - though I am not a drinker, but I can related. Since I didn't manage to take any photo of Jogaetang, I got this from BTO (Busan Tourism Organization) Facebook

How to Go:
[Subway] Busan Metro Line 3 - Mangmi Station - Exit No.1 via staircase - continue walk straight for 3 mins -you will pass by Suyeong Apt. (수영아파트) bus stop & restaurant locate after the junction. 

DakBal Eui JiJon (닭발의지존)
Address: 382 Yeonsu-ro, Gwangan-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan 부산 수영구 광안동 연수로 382
Phone: 051-865-8449
* Close every 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday