Hobak Buchimgae | 호박부침개 | Zucchini Pancake

Hobak Buchimgae often appear as one of the side dishes that served on the table at those Traditional Korean Restaurant. It is an quick and easy to make Korean side dish, and the way of making it quite similar to Pajeon and Kimchi-jeon.  There are many version of Hobak Buchimgae can be made, simple version will be just hobak itself and some salt. Some would add chives,  green onions, chili peppers and other vegetables. You can make it larger size like ordinary korean pancake, or cut into small bite sizes pieces (which is fritters) before serve. 

I will make Hobak Buchimgae when there's leftover zucchini. This is because the zucchini that I can get from nearest grocery store is always comes in huge size, impossible to finish within 1 or 2 meals for a table of 2!  The recipe below I am using whatever leftover vegetable which I wish to clear off when it is still fresh. You don't really need to add carrot, yellow onion and chili peppers as it is optional. 


1/2 Large Zucchini (about 150grams)
1 Small Carrot
1/4 Medium Yellow Onion
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cups of Buchim-garu (Pancake mix)
1 Egg

For Dipping Sauce
2 Tbsp soy sauce
2 Tbsp water
1 Tsp vinegar
1/4 Tsp Sugar
a pinch of red pepper powder (gochugaru) 
1/4 Green Chilli Pepper
Chopped Spring Onions

How to Cook:

Step 1. 
Peel off the skin and cut the zucchini into match stick. In a bowl, sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoon of salt on the zucchini, gently mix well and let it sit for 10-15 mins. 

After 10-15 mins, the zucchini will released some excess water / liquid - this process is known as vegetable disgorging.

Squeeze out the salted zucchini to remove the excess water and discard it. You dont have to wash the salted zucchini.

Step 2. 
Julienne the 1/4 yellow onion and carrot.

Step 3.
Add in the julienne yellow onion & carrot, 1/4 cup of buchim garu and 1 egg in the the bowl where salted zucchini sits. Mix well.

Step 4. 
Add two tablespoons of oil on the heated frying pan. Using a spatula, pour in the batter into 4 parts evenly in round shape. Make the pancake batter as thinnest as possible. Pan fried it over medium heat or low heat (adjust your heat accordingly) until it turns golden brown. 

Flip the batter to the other side and cook until golden brown then it is done. In between, use the spatula gently pressed on the pancake to make it flat. Repeat the same process for the remaining batter and it should be able to around 6 pieces of medium size zucchini pancake as below.

Step 5. 
Lastly, make dipping sauce - combine 2 Tbsp soy sauce , 1 Tbsp vinegar, 2 Tbsp water, 1/4 Tsp sugar, a pinch of red pepper powder (gochugaru), 1/4 green chili epper slices, chopped spring onions and cut yellow onions. 

* Green chili pepper, cut yellow onions and chopped spring onions are optional - just our personal preference to have it in the dipping sauce. Skip if you want. 

Step 6. 
You may serve the zucchini pancake just what it is after cook, or cut into bite size like what I did. Zucchini pancake taste best when it served hot.