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Tsujiri, Solaris Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

New Japanese green tea ice cream / dessert cafe in town! Decided to give a try after seeing there isn't many customer inside and most important is no need to queue! Yeah, every time there is a newly open restaurant or cafe in town, there is always queues spotted. We rather patronise them after the hit cool down.
We were full from our dinner at HongKong Banjeom, so we decided to grab their green tea soft ice cream which is consider "light-weight" dessert after meal. By the way, when we enter the cafe, at a glance, the counter's design, logo and colour kind of similar to a Japanese chain restaurant (with a frog as logo) that we dine-in very frequent in the past. lol. 
simple and clean interior design, their sofas and chairs cushions are in matcha colour. 
The atmosphere is so cozy and peaceful when there is not over-crowded. 
(Right) O-Matcha & (Left) Houjicha Soft Ice Cream @ RM8.90 each Best Green Tea soft ice cream we ever had so far! The Houjicha is another gre…