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Malabar Palace, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Lunch hour again, besides the usual area - 1MK shopping centre, my neighbour aunty frequently drove us here to Hartamas Shopping Centre for food. This time we try out this Malabar Palace - a restaurant that selling Kerala Cuisine, located at the end of the ground floor, near to the entrance linked to Taylor's College. 
The restaurant has been operate since 2009. It doesn't have large seating area, but it is always pack with customer during lunch hour. We choose to sit outside - more spacious and less noisy compare to sitting inside. 
Malabar Palace's set menu with the choice of  Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. We both go for non vegetarian. I choose to have Chicken Masala set, and auntie Jo chose Prawn Curry. 
Papadam and Chutney Papadam and Chutney are served on the house right after we place our order. Chutney is a spicy condiment made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar, originating in India. It was delicious.  
Neelagiri Kebab @ RM7.50 We saw the table n…

All Taste Restaurant, Kepong Baru Glutton Street, Kuala Lumpur | 家饭屋, 甲洞卫星市为食街

I am currently engaging with a Mon-Fri, 9-6 office hour job for a month. Good thing about back to office life is, I get to eat out with colleagues during lunch hours. This restaurant is one of the nice place I discover so far for our lunch. Delicious homecook food with the taste I familiar it. Price is affordable too! 
Meal for 3 persons. We shared 4 dishes :- Curry wild boar, Braised pig's trotters in vinegar, Stir-fried Romaine lettuce and Steamed minced pork meat with cuttlefish (not in photo) and 3 individual boiled soup for each of us. The steamed minced pork needs 7-9 mins to steamed when order place. We are in the midst of savouring our food, forgotten bout it lol!
Curry wild boar @ RM7.90 (small)
Braised pig's trotters in vinegar @ RM9.00 (Small)
Stir-fried Romaine lettuce @ RM6.90 (Small)
My choice individual boiled soup :- Lotus root peanut soup @ RM6.00.  While the other two are having the same choice: Pig-maw & pepper soup @ RM7.80
Attached menu at below for ever…