Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken, Solaris Mont Kiara

Our lunch at OMAYA is impromptu. We spotted they have a huge crowds and long queues last week. Today during lunch hour, we walked pass and see there is no crowd yet, maybe still early, the clock just about to hit 12noon. Stop by to peep on the menu, a friendly front-line waiter approached us and ask if we want to try their food. Since there is no need to wait for the table, husband say let's try!

We were ushered and seated at a 4 persons table. As soon as we sit, the waitress built an temporary partition in the middle of the table - it gives privacy for two person diners. 

The restaurant is two floors. The interior designed like "construction site"- zinc walls, wooden partition, uncemented brick wall, under construction signs etc. Yellow and black color everywhere.  

Ground floor is full house very soon after we seated. 

Second floor dining area is slight more spacious than ground floor with more seats.

Outdoor dining area - great for those who afraid food odor will linger around hair and body after meal. We asked for outdoor table at the first place. and we were told that certain menu are not able to serve outdoor e.g. those required to cook when serve or continuously heat-up. Not sure what to order at that moment, we proceed to indoor. 

The Menu

Lee Kwang Soo Cheese Dakgalbi (Chicken) @ RM68.00
We choose their signature dish~ Cheese Dakgalbi since we like dakgalbi. It comes with complimentary side dish (kimchi and garlic slices), soup, and lettuce or rice (choose either 1). We choose lettuce so we could make wraps. Different from the Dakgalbi restaurant we tried before, Omaya doesn't offer extra side dish such as ramyeon, sticky rice cake or rice (for fried rice). Instead you can choose 2 different meats combo - either pork+chicken, beef+chicken or squid+chicken (price is vary and higher than chicken meat alone). 

The server deliver the banchan using a toolbox ~ we find it amusing! 

The amount of the cheese given is generously filled the whole outer ring! Compare to what we had for cheese Korean BBQ at Gogi-king 2 years ago, this is worth for the value and the price we are paying for! 

Click and watch the video of how the Dakgalbi cook! 
The whole cooking process is done within 9 or 10 minutes (I saw the timer but I forgot it later, ops). Surprisingly there is no oil or sauce splashing out everywhere during cooking process (so no apron needed!). Also, we barely smell like we just had dakgalbi.

Look at the sinful melted Mozzarella cheese and + Cheddar cheese! If you are cheese addict you definitely gonna like this! We love cheese and dakgalbi, however we still prefer original dakgalbi without cheese. The cheese has overpower the taste and spiciness of the dakgalbi, so we barely can tell if we are eating dakgalbi. Overall the meal is satisfying since the amount of cheese is abundant! We didn't manage to finish the cheese, side dish, soup and even the drinks.  

Currently Omaya is giving out fruit flavoured fizzy drinks FREE if you checkin to Omaya Malaysia on FB or Instagram. That's Blueberry grapes and PassionFruit Pineapple.

Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken
Address : K-G-13, Solaris Mont Kiara, No.2, Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone : 03-6206 5067
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