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Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken, Solaris Mont Kiara

Our lunch at OMAYA is impromptu. We spotted they have a huge crowds and long queues last week. Today during lunch hour, we walked pass and see there is no crowd yet, maybe still early, the clock just about to hit 12noon. Stop by to peep on the menu, a friendly front-line waiter approached us and ask if we want to try their food. Since there is no need to wait for the table, husband say let's try! 
We were ushered and seated at a 4 persons table. As soon as we sit, the waitress built an temporary partition in the middle of the table - it gives privacy for two person diners. 
The restaurant is two floors. The interior designed like "construction site"- zinc walls, wooden partition, uncemented brick wall, under construction signs etc. Yellow and black color everywhere.  
Ground floor is full house very soon after we seated. 
Second floor dining area is slight more spacious than ground floor with more seats.
Outdoor dining area - great for those who afraid food odor will linge…

Tteokguk | 떡국 | Sliced Rice Cake Soup

Tteokguk is traditionally eaten on Korean Lunar New Year which symbolize turning 1 year older, also bring lucks and longevity. Korean Lunar New Year falls on the same day as our Chinese New Year. Therefore my mom will make Tteokguk for my husband in Chinese New Year Day 1 morning, if we spent our Chinese New Year at my hometown.
Tteokguk consists of the broth/soup (guk) with thinly sliced rice cakes (galle-tteok), garnished with thin julienned cooked eggs, shredded marinated meat, and crushed roasted seaweed (gim). My mom usually will prepare the broth and boiled the tteok, all I need to do is prepared the egg-garnish (Korean:지단 Ji-dan) and crushed roasted seaweed sheet for the garnish. Any meat can be use to make the broth, while beef and anchovy is commonly use in this dish. The tteok shape and garnish can be vary in different regions (in Korea). 
This year I decided to wake up early on the first day of Chinese New Year and cook tteokguk by myself for husband and my family. I bough…