Royal Malaysian Police Museum | Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia

After a short visit at Tugu Negara, we drop by The Royal Malaysia Police Museum (Malay: Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia) which is just few km away, located inside Lake Gardens. Initially sis planned to bring the kids to Musuem Negara, but the boys are still young to understand the history of Malaysia. End up we choose to visit The Royal Malaysia Police Museum. 

Turns out the museum is way more interesting than we thought! Kids don't find it boring as the museum exhibits fascinating collections of The Malaya States Police Forces from British colonial time till present such as uniforms, medals, weapons, vehicles etc. which mostly all the kids like it (especially boys at this age!)

Main entrance and Information Counter of the Royal Malaysian Police Museum

The building was former Police Training Centre and archive of criminal evidence for police trainees’ references. It was turned into new home of Royal Malaysian Police Museum later in 1980s. Seems like the Museum has revamp recently. There are police officers station at the information counter greet us and introduce the museum briefly when we enter the main entrance. The museum is divided into three lettered galleries. 

Gallery A is dedicated to the colonial police, and displays old police uniforms. equipment, medals, weaponry etc. Also the early days of the Malacca Sultanate empire, its history and downfall, through paintings, drawings and weaponry displays. There is a mini theater next to the entrance of gallery A where you can sit down and watch the short video clip of introduction of The Royal Police Force in Malaysia and it's history.

Gallery B showcases the history of the police force's vehicles as well as unusual evidence from past cases, including from investigations into triads, secret societies, and communists. No photography allowed!  

This gallery has an remarkable exhibition features a wide-range of confiscated weapons of triads, secret societies and criminals from the past. We (including the kids) spent longest time here browsing rows and rows of weapons. Very interesting, sadly "No Photography Allowed".   

Special  Police Force in action (dummies) in the middle of courtyard while we going over to Gallery C from Gallery B. 

Gallery C is dedicated to the role of the Royal Malaysia Police during specific historical periods, including the Japanese occupation during WWII and the Bukit Kepong tragedy (armed encounter between the Federation of Malaya Police and Malaya Communist Party in 1950s). No photography allowed, so there is nothing to show here.

Outdoors Exhibitions - police armoured vehicles are exhibit outdoors, don't miss to visit them before you leave the compound.

(Left) Short-land Armoured Patrol Vehicle and (Right) Commando V 100 APC

 (Front) GMC Armoured Personnel Carrier and (Back) Sankey AT-105 Armoured Car

Ford Lynx Scout Car - used in Kelantan from 1952-1960

 Marine Boat PA-4 2220
The MSET built PA-4 2220 external coast patrol boat. The boat were built in the year 1965 at Terengganu equipped with General Purposed Machine Gun (GPMG) and having 8 personnels of capacities used by Marine Police.

The kids and Royal Diraja Malaysia Aircraft!

If you are lucky, you might prompt into the ice-cream seller in bike and enjoy the special 3 scoop-cone ice-cream @ RM3.00 near the museum entrance.

After ice-cream, end of our tour to Royal Malaysian Police Museum on the last day of 2016.

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