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Dusun, Sunway Nexis

Accompany my husband attend an appointment at Sunway Nexis in a hot afternoon, looking for something to quench our thirst while waiting for the person arrive, we hop in to Dusun at the lobby for some fruits and juice.
This fruit and juice specialists store selling all sorts of foods and goods: fruit smoothies, juices, cut fruits, rojak, sandwiches, salads, fresh fruits, organic products etc. They also selling Kefir - fermented milk drink that made for kefir grains, a substitute for yogurt which is rich in probiotic, high in good quality raw fats and protein. I put this in my "must-try" list next time when I visit Dusun again.

Assortments of smoothies, juices, cut fruits, salad and sandwich.
Local and imported seasonal fresh fruits. They have a walk-in fridge where the fresh fruits were store and customers can walk in and pick fruits, interesting!
The Organic products: Fruit vinegar, coconut sugar, coconut nectar, chia seeds, Bario brown rice, low carb, sugar-free & glut…

Royal Malaysian Police Museum | Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia

After a short visit at Tugu Negara, we drop by The Royal Malaysia Police Museum (Malay: Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia) which is just few km away, located inside Lake Gardens. Initially sis planned to bring the kids to Musuem Negara, but the boys are still young to understand the history of Malaysia. End up we choose to visit The Royal Malaysia Police Museum. 
Turns out the museum is way more interesting than we thought! Kids don't find it boring as the museum exhibits fascinating collections of The Malaya States Police Forces from British colonial time till present such as uniforms, medals, weapons, vehicles etc. which mostly all the kids like it (especially boys at this age!)
Main entrance and Information Counter of the Royal Malaysian Police Museum
The building was former Police Training Centre and archive of criminal evidence for police trainees’ references. It was turned into new home of Royal Malaysian Police Museum later in 1980s. Seems like the Museum has revamp recently. Th…

Tugu Negara | National Monument in Kuala Lumpur

Because of my nephew Jack, I revisit Tugu Negara after 2 decades, on the last day of 2016. Jack read about Tugu Negara in his text book and wish to see the bronze soldiers statue in real during his short holidays in KL. My first visit was during school field trip, all I remember is just the bronze soldier statue in a middle of a big square. Now, it become so stunning after some renovation not long ago.

We park our vehicle at a open parking lot opposite the entrance of Plaza Tugu Negara Entrance. Drive further up a little to the main entrance, there is another bigger and wider open parking space filled with tour buses and vans.  
Plaza Tugu Negara is located at the foothill of Tugu Negara, just walk straight for about 50m there is a wide stairways going up to the Tugu Negara. Inside the plaza, it has ASEAN Sculpture Garden (see Picture above), rest places, shops that selling food and snacks, public toilets and even Free WIFI. There are families picnic at the rest place next to the beaut…