Tous Les Jours, Wolo Hotel, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur [CLOSED DOWN]


A good friend of mine is in town! We decided to hang out at Bukit Bintang area for brunch follow with some shopping. Get husband to drop me at the hotel she stayed in Midvalley, we travel to Bukit Bintang via Commuter and Monorail (to avoid some traffic jam inside the city). Since she likes coffee and breads, I suggest to go Tous Les Jours, Wolo Hotel, which is just across the road from LOT 10 after we alighted at AirAsia Bukit Bintang Monorail Station.

I haven't been to Tous Les Jours Malaysia so far. But I have been to Tours Les Jours in Korea several times and their bread and pastries were tasty and fresh, also bundle of choice! I'm sure those of you who visit Korea before should be familiar with Tous Les Jours as their franchises is everywhere in Korea especially famous tourist attractions. Currently they have more than 1300 outlets in 8 countries including Korea, China and the United States. Owned by CJ Foodville, a business group of CJ Group, Tous Les Jours (Korean: 뚜레쥬르 | French: Too-Leh-Joo) with short forms "TLJ" means "Everyday" in French.

High ceiling windows, chandeliers, red brick wall, love their classy interior - completely different from the Tous Les Jous in Korea that I ever visit. TLJ in Wolo Hotel is 2-storey, it's not difficult to find a sitting place in a crowded weekend.

Assortment of breads, pastries, cookies and snacks and even cake! After checking out the breads for 2 rounds, we finally decided on what bread to pick as our first meal of the day.

Everything is self-service here, after we pick our own breads and place it in tray, we move torwards to the cashier counter to make order for coffee and payment.

Besides bread and pastry, they also have dine-in meals for breakfast or lunch such as sandwiches, quasadila, salads, omellets, pasta, pizza and etc. You may refer to the complete menu on their website @

Our first meal of the day! Cappucino, Flat White, The Real Cheese Bun and Blueberry Blanch. The breads and coffee at reasonable priced.

I love my choice ~ The Real Cheese Bun, the bun is filled with soft creamy cheese which goes very well with my cappucinno. Gan likes her blueberry blanc however I find it a little bit dry if eaten without coffee. 

The coffee taste average, but the quantity given is valued for the money we paid. This is a huge cup of cappuciono I ever had in my life lol. 

Our annual meet-up at Tous Les Jour in December, 2016. Hope we could meet up more often in future no matter where we are. ❤ xoxo!

Tous Les Jours, Bukit Bintang branch located at: