Tokyo Secret Hanjuku Cheese Tart & Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Tokyo Secret 

When the cheese tart craze hit the town! We saw a super long queue at Tokyo Secret, 1 Utama when the outlet newly open. The queue might not as crazy as those queue up overnight for newly launched smartphones or K-pop concert ticket, but pretty similar as when McDonald giving out free breakfast! No kidding! 

All these cheese tarts craze is started from our neighbor country - Singapore, when Bake Cheese Tart from Hokkaido opened it's first store at ION Orchard and create a 3-hours long queues just for their cheese tarts. Thanks to Bake, business opportunity open up and suddenly cheese tarts is selling everywhere in Malaysia, but not by Bake! 

I finally give a try when I saw there is less than 5 people in the queue. Tokyo Secret is selling Japanese Hanjuku Cheese Tart (or Half Baked Cheese Tart) made by high quality cheese imported directly from Japan. The company is originate from Hong Kong. 

The outlet in 1 Utama selling only Hanjuku Cheese Tarts! There are 4 Flavors available :- Hanjuku Cheese Tart (Original flavor), Matcha x Hanjuku Cheese Tart, Hazelnut x Hanjuku Cheese Tart & Coffee x Hanjuku Cheese Tart. 

Freshly baked and hot from oven! There are 4 ways to enjoy the unique taste of cheese tart:-

1. Consume right after it was baked under room temperature! 
2. Refrigerated it, and it will taste like you are eating cheese cake
3. Freeze it in freezer, and it will turn into a tasty ice-cream 
4. Lastly, reheating it with a toasters will once agian bring back the crunchy crust and melting cheesy texture. 

We take away Hanjuku Cheese Tart & Hazelnut x Hanjuku Cheese Tart each home as our tea time snack.

 Hanjuku Cheese Tart @ RM7.90 
I reheat it before consume as per advise. Thrilled to see the creamy cheese melting and flow down slowly after took our first bite. The biscuit layer is so crispy and buttery, and the creamy cheese inside is milky, rich of cheese flavor! Love it! Since we are sharing, I feel like one is not enough as husband took a bigger bite than me haha!

Hazelnut x Hanjuku Cheese Tart @ RM8.90
The chocolate cream cheese filling is flowing down slowly too after one bite. Those crunchy toasted hazelnut bits that sprinkle on top goes very well with the creamy chocolate cheese filling. The chocolate crust is crispy just like the original flavor. However my heart still thinking of the Original flavor, unforgettable! It might be pricey, but I would say it is worth for it. 

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Few days later, before starting my journey back to Penang via Aeroline from 1 Utama at 10.30am, I walked all the way up to Tokyo Secret store hoping to buy some cheese tarts for my family however they only open at 11am. Since I will be disembark at Queensbay Mall, I decided to buy Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart instead also I never tried before.

The queue wasn't long when I bought those cheese tarts. Their cheese Tart is selling RM5.80 per piece, buy 5 free 1 @ RM29.00. Cheaper than Tokyo Secret's. I end up bought 6pcs x 2 box at RM58.00 in total. 

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts is not from Hokkaido. It is owned by Secret Recipe. In other words, this Japanese-styled Cheese Tart is Made in Malaysia! I check out their Facebook and notice that they have been aggressively expanding their business all over Malaysia in just few months time. Up to date there are already 24 outlets in Malaysia. Also, good news is our Muslim friend can enjoy the cheese tart too as their cheese tart is already certified Halal by Jakim. 

I took a glance at their cheese tarts while queuing up. Judge from the outlook, I could tell why Tokyo Secret selling their cheese tart expensive yet I will still go for it. First, Hokkaido's size is sightly smaller than Tokyo secret's. Crust is thicker, similar to Bake's Cheese Tart (I never tried Bake, just compare from the photos that people share online), while Tokyo Secret's crust is thin and crumbly. The filling is not consistently pump up in perfect round shape like what they display in picture. Perhaps because of this, I feel like the cheese tart looks more like Portuguese egg tart. 

True enough, the outer crust is buttery but a bit thick for me, the cream cheese filling is fluffy soft but not milky enough, taste more like a cheese custard. And most important is, I barely taste the cheese flavor, not as rich as Tokyo Secret's.

After I done drafted this post and google for some extra information about the cheese bake tart, unexpectedly there are many post are also doing their own comparison between all the cheese tart. Guess my opinion is more or less similar to others. Conclusion,  I will still going to try Tokyo Secret till there are better taste yet affordable price cheese bake tart selling in town,

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart Facebook: