The Porki Society, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

I was invited for a foodie meet-up by Zomato at The Porki Society. When the invitation came in, I had booked one-way ticket to Penang, and yet decide when to come back since my husband will be away for 2 weeks. After viewing the invitation, I decided to attend as the restaurant and the menu attracts me :) So here I am, flew back to KL a day before, and attended my first foodie review with a happy & hungry stomach at The Porki Society! 

I depart from home an hour early before the appointment time. Traffic was smooth and the after-work traffic jam were all opposite directions. Arrive Porki Society half an hour later and lucky to get a parking place just few shops away from the restaurant. Well, during meal hours it can be a bit challenging to find a parking space here.

Cute Porki sign at the wall of the outdoor terrace seating area.  

Interior of Porki Society
After seated and introduce our self each other, and some introduction by Porki Society owner, various drinks were served so is the food~

Thai Boat Noodle (Soup) @ RM1.90
First dish that serve to us is their signature noodle dish~ Boat Noodle (soup). The dark color broth taste sweet savory with a little bit of spiciness in it, I can taste some herbs flavor in it too. One can finish a bowl of boat noodle in 2 -3 mouthfuls. Since this is just our first dish, have to limit myself for just 1 bowl so I can savor more dishes haha! Beehoon is available too beside Thai noodle which is using here. 

Dry Boat Noodle @ RM1.90
We were offer for Dry Boat Noodle too. I am a dry noodle lover! So this dry boat noodle is my cup of tea! Dry version has a stronger flavor than the soup version I would say.

Pork Rinds @ RM3.90
Pork rind (Deep fried Pork Skin) is a must have side dish to compliment the boat noodles! It taste just like crispy onion rings snacks that we use to have despite the structure is more rough and crunch! It doesn't taste like pork skin at all.

Deep-Fried Abalone Mushroom @ RM5.90
Deep fried abalone mushrooms with savory batter  (BBQ taste), goes well with the mayo sauce with some spiciness in it. The abalone mushrooms is moist inside and crunchy outside. It can be a little salty for me if eat too much. I personally think this will be a great side dish to goes with beers & soju haha! Well, Porki Society is not selling alcohol. 

Porki Platter @ RM39.90
The highlight dish of the night: Porki Platter! Everyone loves it! The platter has BBQ Thai Pork Sausage, BBQ pork balls, BBQ porki, BBQ porki skewers & BBQ squid stuffed with minced pork (2pcs each). It's truly a sinful porki dish!

I specially love the BBQ porki skewers, taste like marinated Korean BBQ pork belly with gochujang & LA Galbi sauce!

Our first group photo during the food session. I wasn't ready when we were asked to take group picture. My mouth were stuffed with the BBQ squid which I took long time to chew before swallow lol. So I looks funny here.  

Tom Yum Clear Seafood Soup @ RM9.90
Tom yum clear seafood soup with prawns, squids, fish fillet, assorted mushrooms & veggie served after porky platter. Porki Society's Thai chef must have use herbs in the tomyum broth, it taste different and rather special than ordinary tomyum clear soup I have before.  
Tom Yum Fried Rice @ RM15.90
We continue to taste Tom Yum Fried Rice after tasted the Tom yum clear seafood soup. That's where we find out, the tom yum clear seafood soup somehow override the taste of Tom yum fried rice, resulting the fried rice taste bland. Later when we give a try again, the Tom yum fried rice has restore it's savory tom yam taste. Moral of the story: Don't have both Tom Yum Clear Soup & Tom Yum Fried Rice at the same time at Porki Society. 😏

 Green Papaya Salad @ RM5.90
The green papaya salad is so refreshing after we had heavy meals with meats & rice.

BBQ porki @ RM8.90
This is the same BBQ Porki in Porki Platter earlier. Taste very much like our satay, or char-siu~ the different is the meat is pork.

If you like spicy, dip the BBQ Porki with their special made chili sauce as per recommended. The chili sauce (or Chili Oil) is serve as condiment at the side of the table. 

This is Porki Society's new menu which not yet launch~ Deep Fried  Minced Pork ball with Quail Egg inside! The minced meat is marinated with spice, not too salty yet not too bland if eaten without any sauce.

Takoh (Water Chestnut & Coconut Custard) @RM2.90 for 2 pcs
Our meal comes to the end with desserts served! Takoh is Thai dessert where diced water chestnut jelly as base, top with salted coconut pudding in a Pandan leaf square cup, served chilled. I don't even need to chew, just slurp it into my month & it will flow down to my stomach smooth! One of my favorite Thai dessert which I look forward in this meal. 

Unique collection of soft dessert @ RM4.90 each
We also had ice-cream as desserts with 5 different flavors available: Green Bean Durian, Jackfruit, Red Bean, Sweet Corn and Yam. All made with coconut milk & actual ingredient. These ice creams were made in Malaysia but exported to Thailand. Now you can get it at Porki Society and it is not selling anywhere else beside Porki Society! 

D24 Durian Soft Dessert @ RM9.90
This special D24 Durian Soft Dessert wins everyone's heart! If you are durian lover, don't miss this. It contain 80% D24 durian inside. We can't really smell the D24 when open up the cover. But when we put a scope into our mouth, the D24 smell immediately burst out inside. OMG! heaven! Its all gone within a minute!  👍 👍 👍 Strongly recommended if you love durian!

Thank you Zomato, Noor Hafiezah (the community manager) and The Porki Society for the invitation. Porki Society is a good place for authentic Thai food with reasonable price! It is nice to meet up with other bloggers / instagrammer~ Caroline & her partner, Eugene & Mei Ying, Mei Yan & other press media too! I have a wonderful dinner with great hospitality & nice food!


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