S 門樓正宗泰式冷氣河海鮮 | S Loam Mit Thai Restaurant, Bagan Samak, Bandar Bahru, Kedah

My third time here at Bagan Samak for it's famous fresh water fish. First visit was few years ago when the fresh water fish begun famous. The restaurant we patron is a home-style restaurant name 龙门正河鲜, located inside the village. There was a mini pasar malam held on that evening not far from where we parked our car. Second time was last year, here at S Loam Mit Thai.

There are around 7 similar concept fresh water products & seafood restaurants in Bagan Samak, and no.8th restaurant is coming soon. My parents has tried most of it over these years. So far, my father think S Loam Mit Thai is the best among all. So we are here for lunch today. Ample parking places available, inside the restaurants there are more than 20 big round table and each table can accommodate at least 10 pax.  

My two cheeky nephews! Can't believe Jack is going to be 7 years old soon, and Wayne just turn 5 years old today! Every year around end October, I will travel back to hometown to celebrate the kids's birthday. 

Just like other ordinary seafood restaurant, S Loam Mit Thai has a large aquarium with alive prawns and fishes that they have. The food order was made by my father and sister since they are frequent here for meal. 

 Deep Fried Prawn Fritters 8pcs @ RM20.00 
8 large size prawn fritters for 8 of us ~ 6 adults and 2 children. 

Steam fish with Thai Sour-Spicy Sauce @ RM45.00
The fish is wild 白须公 (read: Pak su gong), it is a type of cat fish, in Malay it is called "Baung". Fresh fish always taste best with steam, normally with fish soy-sauce. Today we ask to steam it with sour and spicy sauce, the steam fish sauce is so appetizing and we won't stop tasting the sauce till it is almost dry up!. 

Stir-fried Paku Pakis with Belachan @ RM8.00

 Marmite chicken @ RM12.00

Steam Fresh Prawns with Soy Sauce @ RM55.00
Best way to consume fresh prawns is steam. 

The restaurant's special homemade chili-sauce! yummy!

Total bill cost RM159.00 for 8 pax. Such a reasonable price that we couldn't get elsewhere I would say!

The road to restaurant is surrounded by trees and bushes since Bagan Samak in located inside an estate So don't be doubt when you suddenly driving on a mud or stone road, it was a correct way to the restaurant. The restaurant is always pack with customers from outside of Bagan Samak. 

How to go: After exit North-South Highway at Bandar Bahru Toll, turn left and drive about 500m, turn left and you will enter into a slightly smaller road into Bagan Samak. Drive for about 2km, you cross a archway with the village name "Bagan Samak", the first right turn after archway, drive another 1.5km, along the way you will see other seafood restaurants, just look for S Loam Mit Thai Restaurant, you will reach your destination!

S Loam Mit Thai Restaurant, Bagan Samak
Address : PT3798, Mukim Bagan Samak, 34950 Bandar Bahru, Kedah
Phone : +60 12-501 9299