Hon Kei Food Corner | 漢記小食店, Lorong Kampung Malabar, Penang

We have lunch together with Jaspher and Lester before go back to KL. Jaspher always know where to go for nice meal, while Lester always the one who pick us up and drive to the destination, all we need to do is just follow and enjoy the food! So blessed to have such nice buddies. According to Lester, Hon Kei previously  was a roadside hawker stall selling famous Bak-moi (Pork Porridge) near Ho Ping Coffee Shop, located between Penang Road and Lorong Kampung Malabar. Few years ago, the seller uncle's son expand his father's business by moving into renovated heritage shop-lots in Lorong Kampung Malabar (日本新街) which is not far from it's original location. 

From what we observed, Hon Kei occupying 2 heritage shop-lots and roofed outdoor area to accommodate all it's customer. It's not easy to find a parking place especially during meal hours, however we were lucky to get one as soon as we arrive, right opposite Hon Kei! Lester think husband is his lucky star!! 

The open kitchen where customers can see the entire process of cooking. The premises is clean and well-ventilate, the roofed outdoor is not that hot and humid as I predict.

The Menu
First, choose the main choices from selection of porridge, noodles or rice. Then, decide what we prefer for the soup base and it's ingredients inside. For porridge and noodle, the sides available for the soup will be minced pork, pork innards (tripe, intestine, liver, heart) and pork brain. Fried fish, fried fish head and prawns also available if not prefer pork. Hon Kei also serves Salted Vege Mixed Pork Soup and Bitter Gourd Mixed Pork Soup that goes well with rice. 

 Choices for drinks. Just notice they are selling roti bakar and half-boiled eggs too. 

Jaspher, Lester and me choose to have the Yam Rice with Salted Vege Mixed Pork Soup, while husband goes for soup noodle.

Yam Rice & Salted Vege Mixed Pork Soup
For my soup ingredients, I chose meat ball, minced pork and pork streaky. Me and husband don't really eat pork innards. I love the yam rice more than the pork soup here!  

Pork Soup Noodle
Husband goes for Thick Vermicelli Noodles with minced pork only for his pork soup. 

As usual, we have a wonderful time with hearty meal again before driving home for 4 hours! Thanks guys! See you guys again next year CNY!