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Warawara by 88 Kimbab, Solaris Mont' Kiara

88 Kimbab extended their business to Solaris Mont Kiara, with the name "Warawara by 88 Kimbab". They are one of the fastest expand Korean restaurant in town that I ever encounter. Husband has been here few weeks ago when they just opened their business.

Located at first floor, Warawara interior is brighter and newer, also slightly wider than 88 Kimbab in Desa Sri Hartamas. Parking won't be an issue here at Solaris MK since there is a basement carpark, unlike Desa Sri Hartamas sometimes we have to make a few rounds just to get a parking place.
Food wise, husband who has been here few weeks ago when they just open for business commented it is similar with 88 Kimbab. Even banchan served is exactly same too. Lately one of the banchan is stir fried eggplant, I like it a lot and always ask for 1 time refill as it is very delicious.

Ttukbaegi Bulgogi @ RM20.00 Today I tried their Hotpot Bulgogi Stew. I always think that their stew and the amount of ingredient inside is worth fo…

S Loam Mit Thai Restaurant | S 門樓正宗泰式冷氣河海鮮, Bagan Samak, Bandar Bahru, Kedah

My third time here at Bagan Samak for it's famous fresh water fish. First visit was few years ago when the fresh water fish begun famous. The restaurant we patron is a home-style restaurant name 龙门正河鲜, located inside the village. There was a mini pasar malam held on that evening not far from where we parked our car. Second time was last year, here at S Loam Mit Thai.
There are around 7 similar concept fresh water products & seafood restaurants in Bagan Samak, and no.8th restaurant is coming soon. My parents has tried most of it over these years. So far, my father think S Loam Mit Thai is the best among all. So we are here for lunch today. Ample parking places available, inside the restaurants there are more than 20 big round table and each table can accommodate at least 10 pax.  
My two cheeky nephews! Can't believe Jack is going to be 7 years old soon, and Wayne just turn 5 years old today! Every year around end October, I will travel back to hometown to celebrate the ki…

Hon Kei Food Corner | 漢記小食店, Lorong Kampung Malabar, Penang

We have lunch together with Jaspher and Lester before go back to KL. Jaspher always know where to go for nice meal, while Lester always the one who pick us up and drive to the destination, all we need to do is just follow and enjoy the food! So blessed to have such nice buddies. According to Lester, Hon Kei previously  was a roadside hawker stall selling famous Bak-moi (Pork Porridge) near Ho Ping Coffee Shop, located between Penang Road and Lorong Kampung Malabar. Few years ago, the seller uncle's son expand his father's business by moving into renovated heritage shop-lots in Lorong Kampung Malabar (日本新街) which is not far from it's original location. 
From what we observed, Hon Kei occupying 2 heritage shop-lots and roofed outdoor area to accommodate all it's customer. It's not easy to find a parking place especially during meal hours, however we were lucky to get one as soon as we arrive, right opposite Hon Kei! Lester think husband is his lucky star!! 
The open…

Full of Beans, Straits Quay, Penang

Back to Penang again, this time I am with husband who just return from oversea business trip. We attended our gang youngest member's wedding and have a short yet great gathering with all QQ gang members. The next day, Sunday, we catch up with husband's buddy Jaspher. We had a hearty Hokkien Mee at Tanjung Bungah Market, then heading to Straits Quay for a cup of good coffee, recommended by Jaspher. 
The menu at the front door tells you everything about their coffees. Full of Beans specialized in "Hand crafted coffee" with unplugged brewing methods such as Syphon, Hand Drip, Ice Drip, Aero Press and Hand Presso. The coffee beans are imported from American region, African region, Asian region & Oceania region including blends and seasonal coffee beans. Price range starts from RM9.90 to RM45.00 per cup. Tea is also available beside coffee.

Casual and cozy ambiance, with sofa and arm chairs, make it a great place to enjoy a cup of good coffee. Love their outdoor seati…