Hong Kong Ban Jeom | 홍콩반점, Solaris Mont' Kiara

This is not a Franchise of Hong Kong Ban Jeom that owns many chain stores in Korea. The restaurant just happened to register a similar name, but the food is as good as what Hong Kong Ban Jeom offered. <Read here for our eat in at Hong Kong Ban Jeom 0410 Plus in Busan>

Typical Korean-Chinese Restaurant decoration that you can find in Korean-Chinese restaurant especially in Incheon Chinatown.  

It's our first time dine-in here, but not our first time try-out their food. Husband have been take-away their jajangmyeon and Jjampong twice as our lunch at home after Sunday service. Because the food is good, we keep coming back for the same food! 

Jjampong @ RM26.00
Husband like their Jjampong and he said this is one of the best Jjampong that we can get in town. Jjamppong is a Korean spicy noodle soup with seafood and gochugaru. The amount of seafood that use to cook this bowl of Jjampong definitely worth the price we are paying for! 

Gan-jjajang 간짜짱 @ RM25.00
Since I have tried their Jajangmyeon before, this time I choose gan-jjajang (간짜짱) instead. Gan Jajang mean Dried Black Bean Sauce in Korean. The black bean sauce is stir-fried with oil and cook without starch. The noodle and jajang sauce then serve separately in two different bowls.

A sunny-side up fried egg is a must for Gan-jajangmyeon as it will add extra flavor and moist to noodle after stir well with jajang sauce! 

The stir fried black bean sauce which consist of pork meat in cube, a lot of chopped yellow onions and some chives!

Pour all the gan jajang on top of the noodle. Photo taken via husband's new phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge via Food Mode, where color looks more appetizing than my iPhone 6S. 

Husband is the one who mix well for me always~ cuz I took long time to do it! The portion is pretty big for 1 pax, so the balance always goes to his stomach! I prefer Ganjajang than Jajangmyeon as I am always a dried noodle lover! If you prefer a more gravy, go for Jajangmyeon instead. Both actually taste not much different. 

The Menu

Apparently the chef has nearly 30 years experience in cooking Korean Chinese cuisine in various restaurant in Gangnam, Jongno & etc. Beside Jajangmyeon and Jjampong, there are many Chinese cuisines available. 

Hong Kong Ban Jeom is located at the first floor, Soho KL. Same row with Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant.