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Samgyetang | 삼계탕 | Ginseng Chicken Soup

My first homemade Samgyetang. We used to have Samgyetang at restaurants but today I decided to to try to make my own since I have some dried Korean Ginseng which my father bought from Dongdaemun last year. 
Korean will eat Samgyetang in summer especially during 삼복 (Sam-bok) - which means 3 hottest day in summer according to lunar calendar. The 3 hottest day are 초복 (Chobok, beginning of summer), 중복 (Jungbok, middle of summer), and Malbok (말복, end of summer).  Korean believe that after eat this hot boiling Ginseng Chicken Soup on these hottest days and sweat profusely is good for health. 
About the Ingredient
Spring Chicken is use to cook Samgyetang - small, young chicken that less than 30 days old, around 400-500g. You may use regular chicken (usually weight 1kg and above), which can be shared among 2-3 persons as more ingredient is needed to stuff inside the chicken. Also, regular chicken meat might not as chewy as spring chicken. You can obtain Samgyetang Ingredient Pack(refer to pic …