2F+ Coffee By Yellow House, Penang

Last year Christmas eve, bird suggest to meet up here at 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House, but I wasn't able to find here due to the direction on google map is wrong. At the end we met up at another cafe nearby her house instead. Sis said she will bring me here when I back to Penang. And we are here today for an early dinner before go home after our trip to Entopia.

Just like what bird and sis said, 2F+ is just around the corner nearby my sister's house. But I just couldn't see it when I passed by (2-3 rounds) because it was dim at night. Anyway I have corrected the direction in Google map.

2F+ is is a cafe that built from an existing old Chinese wooden house. Inside it has renovated into a artsy and vintage feel modern cafe. Similar to some of the vintage feel cafe in town heritage area. They preserve some old furniture which I used to see when I was young at Chinese's home. A cozy place to catch up with friends & family while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

We were sitting at this rectangular table at the end of the corner near the kitchen since there is 5 of us.  Next to our seat, there's a cozy corner with large window frame with outdoor area view and 2 very old fashioned sofa where the sofa is so nostalgia! We used to have that kind of sofa at my parent's house when we're young. 

The sofa area was occupied when we arrived. As soon as the customer leave, my two nephews quickly invaded the two single seat sofa haha. Jack seems very enjoy the view (or the sofa). The kids probably tired after spending more than half day in Entopia. 

Our meals

Banana Kick @ RM13.90
The kid's favourite! Waffle with fresh banana, ice cream and chocolate sauce! 

Cappuccino @ RM7.50
When I don't drink Americano, I always go for cappuccino. 

Hot Chocolate @ RM9.00
Sister choose hot chocolate, so the kids can drink it too.

Fish and chip @ RM15.00
My dinner. An ordinary deep fried battered fish and crispy chips.

Jumbo Sausage @ RM14.00
Brother in law's meal, so he can share the sausage with the kids.

Egg Sandwich @ RM10.00
Sister choose a light meal, since there is a waffle with banana and choco to share with kids.

The Menu
I like how they describe their business hour for everyday with quotes about coffee and life.

2F+ Coffee by Yellow House
2F, Jalan Paya Terubong, 11060, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Phone: +60012 421 1714

Note: 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House is located opposite of Golden Triangle Condominium, before the traffic light (where Golden Triangle is on right hand side).