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2F+ Coffee By Yellow House, Penang

Last year Christmas eve, bestie and I suppose to meet up here at 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House . But I wasn't able to find here due to the direction on google map is wrong. At the end we met up at another cafe instead. Sis said she will bring me here when I am back to Penang again later. So after our Entopia trip, we are here for an early dinner before go home.
Just like what my bestie say, 2F+ is just around the corner of where my sis's house is. But I couldn't see it when I pass by because it was dim at night. Anyway I have corrected the direction in Google map.

2F+ is is a cafe that built from an old Chinese wooden house. Inside it has renovated into a artsy and vintage feel modern cafe. Similar to some of the vintage feel cafe in town heritage area. They preserve some old furniture which I used to see when I was young at Chinese's home. 
Another corner of the cafe. It is indeed a very cozy place for catch up with friends & family while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

Bossam | 보쌈 | Boiled Pork Wraps

On my husband's birthday, I cook Bossam as main dish for his birthday meal since we both love this dish. Bossam is a Korean boiled pork dish where the meat is eaten with veggie wrap (ssam). The boiled pork belly is called 수육 suyuk or 돼지고기 수육 dweji-goji suyuk in Korean. While the ssam normally consist of lettuce, perilla leaves, salted napa cabbage, mulsaengchae, saewujeot (salted fermented shrimp), raw oyster or anything that up to your preference. Below are the ingredients that I prepared on that day:- 
Slices onions, garlics, chilli peppers, ssamjang, lettuce & perilla leaves, Mulsaengchae (Radish Salad) & Cut Kimchi
The wraps are easy to prepare without needed any recipe, except ssamjang, cut kimchi and Mulsaengchae. You may click on the title of these 3 items later for the recipe. Meanwhile I will share how to cook the suyuk (boiled pork belly) at below:

Ingredients (For Suyuk):
Pork belly in whole & wide cut - 1kg Yellow onion - 1/2 pc Green onion white parts - 2 …