Hiking @ Bukit Gasing Forest Park - via Telecommunication Tower / Indian Temple Trail

My parents and brother are in town. Instead of the usual activity - shopping and food hunting, this time we went for jungle tracking at Bukit Gasing. We choose Bukit Gasing since it it one of the nearest forest park from our house, also an easy one. Initially our plan is just to stroll and walk around the forest park, end up we 'conquer' the top of Bukit Gasing for the first time. 

From the main entrance keep walking for about few minutes (about 300 meters), we reach a point where we can turn left or right for different directions. Instead of the usual left turn where it will lead to us to observation tower and suspension bridge trail, we turn right this time to try out a new route which lead us to the Indian temple / telecommunication tower trail.

It was a easy hike up at first, soon the trail turns into steep slopes and it become a tough hike. We need to take a break in between just catch a breath. A few times my husband suggest to discontinue to hike up and head down as it is too tough for my mom who hardly workout. I am glad we didn't give up. Finally we reach the top after 20 minutes later, except my mom but she is just few meters away down there. 

This is what I see when I reach the top, concrete pillars and walls of the Indian temple (Shiva Temple) on top of the mountain. Husband who first reach the top has wandering around while waiting for us. 

According to him, this lead to a gate which is locked up and not accessible, guess this should be an entrance to the Indian temple. 

While another side should be leading to the telecommunication tower. My brother arrived at the top shortly after! My father accompanying my mom who can't hike further anymore few meters down the mountain also came up to the top later and take a glimpse of the beautiful PJ & KL view.  

Beautiful PJ view is on our left. Bukit Gasing is situated on the border of Petaling Jaya (Selangor) and Kuala Lumpur. Standing on the highest point of Bukit Gasing, we can see both PJ and KL city-view.

And, KL city view on our right. Can you spot KL tower and KLCC in grey shade? I am using iPhone to capture the photos so it wasn't that clear. However we can see it very clear with our bare eyes.

The telecommunication tower next to the Indian temple. It's around 10am, the sun is so hot and we can feel our skin is burning though we have applied sun-block on our body and face. 

There are many small white daisy like flowers blossom along the concrete and pillars area. I captured a yellow butterfly collecting honey from the daisy like flower while resting.

After spending about 10 minutes on top, we went down via the same path. For your info, we are practically climbing up by holding onto the roots and trees for the last 50 meter before the top, A frequent hiker told us that there is another trail located near to the locked gate, which is more easy compare to this route. We shall give a try next time. 

Some fern (or fern like flowering plant) which can be found inside the park catch my mom's attention, so I took a photo for her as per request. Look forward to hike up to Broga hill - a mountian situated at the borders of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan next tmime when my family visit us again in town again.

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