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Korean Marts in Kuala Lumpur | 말레이시아 한인마트

We were lucky as when we move to KL in 2010, Korean marts (한인마트) are blooming in our neighborhood. In our neighborhood itself, from existing 4 Korean marts, grows up to 9 Korean marts now. 5 in Desa Sri Hartamas and 4 in Mont' Kiara & Solaris Mont' Kiara. If add in the other 6 Korean Marts in Ampang, Total 15 Korean Marts in KL up-to-date.

Overall, almost all those basic Korean food product that generally needed for Korean cooking and living can be found in all Korean Marts above. The only different is different Korean Mart have different range of product brands which they prefer to sell.

Desa Sri Hartamas 데사스리 하타마스
(1) Seoul Mart 서울 마트

One of the pioneer Korean Mart in Desa Sri Hartamas that has been operate for more than a decade. I frequent Seoul Mart as most of the items I am looking for can be obtain here - from veggie, meat, kimchi, instant food, snacks, frozen foods, beauty care, cosmetic to various household items. They also selling ready to go food such as kimbap o…

Hiking @ Bukit Gasing Forest Park - via Telecommunication Tower / Indian Temple Trail

My parents and brother are in town. Instead of the usual activity - shopping and food hunting, this time we went for jungle tracking at Bukit Gasing. We choose Bukit Gasing since it it one of the nearest forest park from our house, also an easy one. Initially our plan is just to stroll and walk around the forest park, end up we 'conquer' the top of Bukit Gasing for the first time. 
From the main entrance keep walking for about few minutes (about 300 meters), we reach a point where we can turn left or right for different directions. Instead of the usual left turn where it will lead to us to observation tower and suspension bridge trail, we turn right this time to try out a new route which lead us to the Indian temple / telecommunication tower trail.

It was a easy hike up at first, soon the trail turns into steep slopes and it become a tough hike. We need to take a break in between just catch a breath. A few times my husband suggest to discontinue to hike up and head down as it…

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The Curve

Parents and bother visit us in town. After IKEA, we walk over to The Curve look for nice restaurant for dinner and decided to visit Bubba Gump again since parents and brother never try it before.
Husband and I last dine in at Bubba Gump was here at The Curve when a friend of us and his family is in town. Previously we always went to Bubba Gump Bandar Sunway branch since it is the nearest branch near our house. *Read our First visit & Revisit here. 
Shrimper's Heaven @ RM62.90 We never miss to order any of their shrimp dish. Shrimper's Heaven consist of 3 different cooking types of shrimps :- Hand breaded coconut shrimp, peel'n'eat garlic shrimp, fried shrimp and Japanese style tempura shrimp and fries. 3 types of dipping sauces available: tangy Asian, Cajun marmalade and zesty cocktail. If you love shrimps, don't miss out this!
We all love the hand breaded coconut shrimps! It is good for sharing among 4 pax in my personal opinion. Not sure if you notice the photo…