Korean Birthday Meal | 생일 식사

A Korean Birthday Meal for my Korean husband

Last week I cooked up a Korean birthday meal for husband on his birthday. This is my second time cook Korean birthday meal for husband. Read my first time cook Korean Birthday Meal here. It took me 4 hours to cook everything, and this yet include groceries shopping, dish washing and cleaning later. *tired*. But all this is worth as husband's face is filled with surprise and smile when he saw the birthday meal prepared by me. 

Seogogi Miyeok-guk & Japchae
For Korean, the birthday morning usually starts with Miyeok Guk, followed by a noodle dish. Any type of noodle is acceptable. It is important not to cut the noodles into shorter length as noodle represent "longevity". Since his birthday falls on his working day and he didn't take off day, I cooked Seogogi Miyeok-guk (Seaweed soup with beef brisket) and Japchae (stir fried glass noodle) for his breakfast box.

Bossam (보쌈)
I choose Bossam as the main dish for the birthday meal since we both love this dish, also it is very easy to cook. Bossam is boiled pork belly which eaten with veggie wrap (ssam). The ssam normally consist of lettuce, perilla leaves, salted napa cabbage, mulsaengchae (marinated shredded daikon), salted baby shrimp sauce and raw oysters.

Here, I prepare the wraps and side dishes according to husband's liking which is lettuce, perilla leaves, musaengchae, ssamjang, onions, garlic and chilli peppers slices.  

Lettuce and Perilla leaves
Since none of us like salted napa cabbage, I choose to served it with lettuce and perilla leaves instead. Perilla leaves (kkaennip, 깻잎) can easily get it from any Korean groceries store nearby my area (in Kuala Lumpur).

Ssamjang, Onion, Garlic & Chilli Pepper Slices
I also skip oyster and salted baby shrimp. Instead, I use ssamjang, onion slices, garlic slices and chilli pepper as the side dishes for the wraps. Click for Ssamjang recipe.

Mul-saengchae (무생채)
Mulsaengchae is spicy Korean radish side dish. It can be eaten together with rice, bibimbap or with wraps. Mulsaengchae very easy to make - all you need to do is combine the julienne radish with salt, sugar, gochugaru (Korean pepper powder), minced garlic, rice vinegar. and chopped spring onion. For recipe click HERE.

Mat-kimchi (막김치) 
Mat-kimchi is known as easy kimchi. It is made with napa cabbage pre-cut into bite size , salt, rinse and tossed together with the seasoning and it is done. It take lesser time in the process of salting and fermentation compare to making whole cabbage kimchi. But the taste is almost exactly same as whole cabbage kimchi (traditional kimchi) since it is using the same ingredients. .

Beside wraps, bossam  taste great with mat-kimchi too! Bossam is traditionally linked with the season of gimjang, where large quantities of kimchi were prepared for winter. To ensure the commitment of the workers during this labor-intensive process, noblemen would deliver a pig for a feast. The workers would enjoy boiled pork with some of their newly made kimchi, which, being early in the fermentation process, was a fresh and crispy compliment to the soft pork of bossam.[Source from wikipedia]

Pajeon (파전)
Pajeon (Green onion pancake) is the second main dish for the birthday meal. I wanted to cook the pajeon with squids but can't see any nice squids at the grocery stores, end up buying fresh prawns. Pardon me for the"not so presentable" pajeon picture above. The prawns falls apart when I cut the pajeon into bite sizes. So I remove it and served it beside the jeon.

Dipping sauce for Pajeon
The dipping sauce was made with soy sauce seasoned with sesame oil, sesame seed, gochugaru, and sliced scallion.

This is not the leftover from morning's cooking. haha! I cook miyeok-guk again since it is a birthday soup, and served along with the rice, 2 main dish and some side dishes. That's my homecook birthday meal for my husband on his 39th birthday :D

Oh, not to forget the birthday cake. We always get ice-cream cake for each other during birthdays. Simply because we love ice-cream! Also, it is easy to get Baskin Robbins since it is not far away from home. The ice cream flavor suppose is world-class chocolate, however there is a mistake on labels? After husband cut his cake, we found out it is mint chocolate inside. Still, it taste great! And this ice-cream cake has become our dessert after meal for a week after that haha!

I will continue to cook birthday meal for him every year. 생일 축하해요 여보 ©


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