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Korean Birthday Meal | 생일 식사

A Korean Birthday Meal for my Korean husband
Last week I cooked up a Korean birthday meal for husband on his birthday. This is my second time cook Korean birthday meal for husband. Read my first time cook Korean Birthday Meal here. It took me 4 hours to cook everything, and this yet include groceries shopping, dish washing and cleaning later. *tired*. But all this is worth as husband's face is filled with surprise and smile when he saw the birthday meal prepared by me. 
Seogogi Miyeok-guk & Japchae For Korean, the birthday morning usually starts with Miyeok Guk, followed by a noodle dish. Any type of noodle is acceptable. It is important not to cut the noodles into shorter length as noodle represent "longevity". Since his birthday falls on his working day and he didn't take off day, I cooked Seogogi Miyeok-guk (Seaweed soup with beef brisket) and Japchae (stir fried glass noodle) for his breakfast box.
Bossam (보쌈) I choose Bossam as the main dish for the birthday m…

88 Kimbab, Desa Sri Hartamas

We normally buy kimbap from Seoul Mart in Desa Sri Hartamas or Kim's Mart at Solaris Mont' Kiara. There was a day when we buy kimbap from Seoul Mart but left only one roll, the boss asked if we could wait for 10 minutes he will ask to make more. Then we found out those kimbap was from the restaurant next door -> 88 Kimbab.
It is located between Seoul Mart and Maybank or under Daorae. The unit itself is split into two shops- left is hair saloon while right is 88 Kimbap. 88 Kimbab selling not just Kimbab, there are other variety of food as well. Their price is cheaper than average Korean restaurant since they don't serve fancy or luxury banchan (Korean side dishes) but they do serve simple banchan which taste good.
1st Time Eat in
First time eat-in is on the new years eve - the last day of year 2014. Husband work late and we don't have any plan for New Year's Eve. We drive to Desa Sri Hartamas and as usual those famous restaurants were packed with customers. Since …