How to Renew LTSVP (Long Term Social Visit Pass) in Malaysia

Husband's LTSVP just renewed for another 4 years at Shah Alam Immigration Office. The renewal process is much easier compare to the our first LTSVP application. However, it still took us 4 visits to complete the renewal. You may refer to our experience below and complete the renewal within 3 visits. I am referring to Shah Alam Immigration Office here! Different Immigration Office the operation could be vary.

Basically, first visit is to pick up the renewal forms and make inquiries; if possible, get the Surat Akuan certified and send the Employment Contract for stamping (if any) on the same day (or before the submission). After get ready all necessary documents. visit the Immigration Office again for submission. Go early (as early as possible) if you don't wish to wait whole day for your turn for the submission. Not to forget to bring enough cash for renewal fee. Shall the submission is complete and successful, your third visit is to collect passport with new visa (and work endorsement if any). The collection will be quick since the date and time is already fixed.

First Visit - Collect Forms and Inquiries

We visited the Shah Alam Immigration office two months before his LTSVP expired to collect the renewal forms. Total 3 forms are given:- Form Imm.55, Form Im.38 and Surat Akuan. Forms can be pick up at Inquiry counters (queue can be long especially in the morning)

Documents needed for the renewal application:

1. Form Imm.55 *
2. Form Im. 38 *
3. Surat Akuan (Certified by Commissioner of Oath)
4. Prepare the Photocopy of:
    · Mykad of Malaysian Spouse (Front and back)
    · Passport of Foreign Spouse (Front page with details, Current Visa & Work Endorsement)
    · Marriage Certificates (Both copies)
    · Children Birth Certificate (if you have children)
    · Employment Contract with Stamping (if applicable)
5. Bring along Original Documents for verification purpose upon submission:-
    · MyKad of Malaysian Spouse
    · Passport of Foreign Spouse
    · Marriage Certificate (Both copies)
    · Children's Birth Certificate (if you have children)
    · Employment Contract with Stamping (if applicable)

Note: Both husband and wife need to be present for the certification of Surat Akuan and Renewal Application Submission.

*Form Imm.55 and *Form Im.38 can be download from the Immigration's website, however we couldn't find Surat Akuan. Best to collect the latest renewal forms at Immigration Office to avoid mistakenly using old forms. 

Sample of Form Imm.55 (Application for Extension of Visit Pass and) and Form Im.38 (Visa Application). 

Sample of Surat Akuan (Statutory Declaration if the marriage is still valid) certified by Commissioner of Oath and Husband's Employment Contract with "Stamp Duty" stamp on it.

IMPORTANT: Get the Surat Akuan certified and send the employment contract for stamping (if applicable) on the same day after you pick up the renewal forms. Shah Alam Immigration Office will NOT give out the queue no. if the any of the forms is incomplete. Read our second and third visit you will get the story. 


The inquiries that we have made: 

Q: How early I can submit the application to renew husband's LTSVP?
A: One month before the LTSVP expired. The application will take around 3 to 7 days to process.

Q: Husband's passport validity left 4.5 years, can I renew his LTVSP for 4 years?
A: Yes! In fact we can choose to renew either 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years or 5 years (maximum is 5 years) depending on the validity of the Passport. For your info, Korean Passport validity can be up to 10 years, husband first LTSVP we applied for 5 years. Currently his passport validity left only 4.5 years, and he needs to renew his passport at least 6 months before the expiry date, so we can renew the LTSVP up to 4 years maximum. 

Q: My husband has changed another new job 4 years ago. How do I inform the immigration about his new employer?
A: Attached a copy of his latest employment contract with stamping (compulsory) when we submit the LTSVP renewal applications, and Immigration Office will update the new employer details accordingly. For those who didn't change job, you may continue with the existing Work Endorsement.
Q: We have moved to KL. What do I need to do so we can renew husband's visa in KL Immigration Office instead of going back to Shah Alam Immigration Office?
A: First, I need to change my address to current address in KL at any JPN office. Then make a request to Shah Alam Immigration Office to transfer husband's file to the State Immigration Office at my current address.The process will take around 3 months; therefore the request shall be make at least 3 months before I renew husband's LTSVP. 


Second Visit : Unsuccessful Submission

Exactly one month before his visa expired, we were here for renewal application submission. We arrived the Immigration Office around 8am, after line up for 5-10mins, we fail to get a queue number due to the Surat Akuan is not yet certified. My mistake, I thought we could collect the number first, then certified it while waiting for our turn but it is not allowed.

Then later when we lined up again, we saw these notices at the corridor next to the entrance of Visa, Permit and Pass Division. For those who don't understand Malays,the notice on the right hand side written "Kindly complete all forms including Surat Akuan (certified by Commissioner of Oath) before you line up to get queue no. Incomplete forms will not be entertain.To be honest, these A4 size black and white notices is really NOT Noticeable. Many has miss it (including us).


We quickly get the Surat Akuan certified at a Commission of Oath office with a fee of RM4, Also make a photocopy for self keeping before  we return and line up again. Around 8.57am, we gotten a queue no. of 5150 - which make us number 150, also the LAST queue no. of the day! OMG! It's not even 9AM! You can imagine those who lined up behind us how disbelief and disappointing when they were told no more queue no will be given!

As you can see, we are 131 persons away, with 1 submission estimate took about 5 minutes. and there are only 2 counters for the renewal process. Therefore we assume [131 x (5/60mins)] / 2 counters = 5.417 hours of waiting. After waited for an hour, only 9 queue no. are clear so far with one counter operate! The 2 counter officers seems to take turn to away so at the end only one counter is operate. We decided to return again the next day morning before 7am. We were told that people will start queueing as early as 7am (the Immigation office operation hour starts 7.30am).


Third Visit : Submission of Renewal Application Success

The next day morning we are here as early as 6.45am! Many has lined up in front of the shuttle gate at the lobby (next to KFC). We lined up as well. However, when the shuttle gate open around 7am, everyone starts to flock towards the shuttle gate without lining up! We went up to second floor via staircase (don't bother to wait for lift, it is not operate yet). 

The crowd then splits in second floor's corridor. Half went to Passport Division and another half went to Visa, Permit & Pass Division. By the time we arrive Visa, Pass & Permit Division, there are at least 30 people ahead of us lining up on the right hand side of the corridor. We drench in sweat due to the air is hot and stuffy since aircond is not turn on yet.  

This time, everyone is lining up accordingly by standing close to the wall on right hand side. There are people who try to cut queue without lining up but waiting opposite side of the queue next to the entrance. Not too worry! those who trying to cut queue eventually will be chase away by the Immigration office who will came out to inspect the queue before the door open. He also filter those people queuing without forms compliance to the notice which mentioned incomplete forms will not be entertained. So, queuing on behalf while the couple away to get Surat Akuan certified is NOT ALLOWED. Fair to those completed everything and queue early in the morning (including us!). Thanks to him, the people ahead us has been cut  down to 20++!

We gotten a queue no. 5023 around 7.45am, waited until 9am finally it's our turn. Hand over the application forms and original documents the Pas Lawatan (Lanjutan) Counter, half way processing our submission, the officer told us we need to get the Employment Contract stamped. Luckily we are allowed to resubmit later without having queue again after we did the stamping.

For this I am a little pissed off, I read it online somewhere that the Employment Contract needs to be stamped. Therefore during our first and second visit, I double check with the inquiry counter officer should I get it stamp, twice he answer "Not Necessary (tak-payah)!" Same thing goes to the Surat Akuan, if he could mention it during form collection,  we would have get all done during our first visit.


How to get it stamp:
You need to fill up the PDS 1 Form (Stamping Request Form). Form can be obtain from the Stamp Duty Office. There is a writing corner with sample of how to fill the form in case you not sure how to fill the form. Then submit the request form with 2 sets of Employment Contract (1 set Original and  1 set photocopy) for stamping. Original copy will be your own copy while photocopy is for submission later. Both copies must have Employers and Employee's original signature.We paid stamp duty fee RM10 per copy (So total is RM20).

Where to do stamping:
The Stamp Duty Department is located inside LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri), 9th Floor, Wisma Perangsang. It's about 3 minutes walking distance from Wisma PKNS (Opposite SACC Mall). Operating Hours is from 8am to 3pm only.

After stamping we return for submission again, finally it is accepted. We are required to pay the renewal fee of RM480 for 4 years LTSVP. We paid RM500 and were told that the change and official receipt will be given only upon passport collection. Then we were given a slip where it stated the submission application is accepted, and the date and time of passport collection (3 working days later). Either one of us can collect the passport, not necessary both has to present during the collection.


Fourth Visit - Collection of Passport

Slip for passport collection (Left) and Official Receipt for Renewal Fee Payment (Right)

On March 23, 2016, 4pm, I came alone to collect the passport on behalf for my husband. Fyi, no need to queue, just drop the collection slip into a square basket on the inquiry counter (right hand side). The security guard compile the collections slips 5 minutes later and pass over to the officer at Pas Lawatan (Lanjutan) counter. Within few minutes, my husband's name is called to collect the passport. The RM20 change and official receipt is attached with the passport. Don't forget to double check ensure name, passport no, extension period printed in the visa and work endorsement spelling correct before leave.

Shah Alam Immigration Office (Visa, Pass and Permit Division) is located at Second Floor. 
Operation Hours: Monday-Friday : 7.30 am - 5.30 pm / Friday Closed On : 12.15pm - 2.45pm


  1. Hello!

    Your post is really helpful. We submitted my husband's LTSVP in Shah Alam as well & now it's time for renewal application.

    However we moved to Sabah few months back. As we know we need to go back to Shah Alam for the renewal submission ( we got all the forms ), do you know if we can just get the Surat Akuan certified earlier by Sabah's commission of oath?

    Ernie Zharani

    1. Hi Ernie,

      Glad to know the post is helpful. Anyway we were told that different state could be using different types of Surat Akuan, therefore I am not sure if you can get the Surat Akuan certified in Sabah. Suggest you give a call to Shah Alam Immigration Office for confirmation before you proceed.

      All the best :)

  2. Thank you. Your post is really helpful, save me a lot of time running around.
    You mentioned that we need to submit Marriage Certificates (Both copies), this include Korea Marriage certificated that has to be translated to Malay language?

    1. Hi there, the both copies is refer to the 2 copies of the Marriage Certificate that issued to husband and wife each copy during Marriage registration. If you have the Korea Marriage Certificate, you may bring along just in case. In our case, we bought only the Malaysia Marriage Certs and it is accepted.

  3. May I know if my husband doesn't want to sign it what should I do? Should I just get a visa pass?

  4. Hi, may i know about your first trip, do u need to queue as well to get the forms and inquire? Thanks a bunch!

    1. Off course need to queue up as well :) Good luck.

  5. Hello, thank you for posting this. Your blog is one of the countless blogs I went to get information in the our arduous pursuit of trying to get my husband a visa. My journey was more time consuming, perilous (my husband was almost deported) and traumatizing to my husband, to say the least, because I am a Muslim (he converted) and required our marriage to be certified by the Islamic Department in Malaysia before I could continue with the rest of the procedures of procuring a visa. Thank Divine intervention, the heavens, my ancestors and his who looks after us, we managed to get him a visa and I am now renewing it for another period. During my journey, blogs like yours keep me inspired, or we would have just pack up and live in a jungle to try to be inconspicuous or go back to Australia. So, just as a 'thank you' here is a link for 'Surat Akuan' for anyone including you who required it for further renewals. . Cheers!

    1. Hi Jari Hopkins,

      Nothing is happier to know that my blog-post helps and your "thank you" made my day! I myself also experienced inadequate info & details thru online / offline. I know how time consuming, hassle & traumatic it is in the entire journey of obtaining a visa! So I decided to contribute my story as well, in order to make other's journey smooth! Your sharing on Surat Akuan definitely helps alot! Wish you all the best & thanks for the message!

  6. Here is another 'Surat Akuan' which can be used.

    1. The surat akuan link is genuine in case anyone has doubt. It's a PDF file store in google drive contribute by Jari Hopkins!

  7. Here is the link to imm55 form

  8. Hi Yoo Hye In,

    Thank you so much for your post. Helps a lot for people to avoid silly mistakes for which a whole day or more is wasted. I have gone through most of the experiences and know the pain. Really good that you posted all the simple things that helps. Good bless those who turn up without any warning.

    Thanks Jari Hopkins for joining in and contributing important information.

    Thanks to both of you for assisting people.

    1. Thank you Nanda! Your comment means a lot to me!

  9. Hi Yoo Hyn In,

    Thanks for such a Nice and detailed Information.

    i have one question regarding Employment Contract, is that LHDN or Immigration needs only OFFER LETTER or there have more documents to collect from Company i work????

    1. Hi Dev,

      For visa renewing, immigration only request for a copy of latest employment contract with stamp duty from us. Meaning to say, if your employment contract is not stamp, you need to bring 2 copies of employment contract to LHDN to get it stamped. Both copies must contain original signatures -> this is LHDN requirement on stamping.

    2. Hi Yoo Hyn In,

      First of all thanks for Reply. i have Concern regarding few things. when i see the Checklist from Shah Alam Immigration then i found 3 different Requirements.

      1 - Employment Offer Letter
      2 - Employment Contract Letter
      3 - Company Registration Forms

      what i want to know that i have only Employment Offer Letter and Company Registration Forms but i don't have Employment Contract Letter

      Because i am working here as Permanent in this Company.

      So help to Guide about Above and also LHDN is only required OFFER LETTER or Contract Letter also ???? because as i said above i don't have any Contract Letter but i do have Offer Letter.


    3. Hi Dev,

      Are you renewing your visa? Or this is your first application?

      Since you posted your comment here so I assumed you are renewing your visa. If you already have your work endorsement chop on passport, and you change of employer (or you did not change employer and immigration request for the employment contract, you just need to send the latest employment contract for stamping and submit it will do.

      Otherwise, if it is your first time apply for work endorsement, you need to refer to my other blogpost on How to apply LTSVP :

      The list of documents required for work endorsement submission can be find in the post.

      However, different immigration office might have different requirements and practise. My blog is just for sharing and reference, you still have to double check with immigration during submission and full-fill the whatever request made by them.

      All the best.

  10. Hi yoohyein, we meet again, well its time for my husband's renewal this coming september. Just curious one thing,if my husband still NOT YET get a job in MY do we need to fill in the form for the working endorsement? Becuz we dont have any offer letter

    1. Hi Marina,

      Happy to see you (your message) again :) You just have to fill up Form Imm.55 (Application for Extension of Visit Pass and, Form Im.38 (Visa Application) and get the surat akuan ready. If there's no need of work endorsement, no submission is required. Have a great week ahead!

    2. Hi mrs yoohyein,thank you for your reply,it really means alot to filling in the form Imm.55 but i have no idea on the form number 9 and the 10th, if visa granted before arrival state? And the date present entry. What those 2 means?

    3. Hi Marina,

      Sorry for overlook the comments in between.. I hope it is not too late to reply you now.

      For no.9, I filled up (a) reference no of the current LTSVP that going to expired and (b) Shah Alam Immigration (the place where the visa was issued) and (c) date if visa issued.

      As for no.10th, it is not applicable to us so I left it blank.

      Drop me an email if it is urgent question. Good luck!

    4. Hi Mrs Yoo Hye In,
      Its ok for the late reply and good news! my husband got 3 years straight away after a long talk with the leader of the officer and it all happened in ONE day! Kudos to you for the big help on my preparation of the documents!
      I managed to ask him/officer the doubtful questions that has been his duty to answer and i also bravely voice out the lacking important information and SOP of the process in their website as well as their documents provided.They should improve time after time!
      Regarding the no 9& 10, i managed to ask the commissioner of oath at the time i want to verified for the documents. She said if i in doubt to answer that questions i should leave it blank or ask the officer straight away. At that time i just left it blank and asked the officer. Thanks for your feedback,i really appreciate it. I would like to update too regarding the duty stamp of LHDN for the employment contract. I did asked the officer should my husband in the future get an offer letter to bring the employment contract to stamp it at LHDN like you did. The answer to my case is a little different as my husband is a lecturer. The officer of Johor Immigration said, husband no need to provide the LHDN stamping on his employment contract but instead need to get a consent/verification letter from Ministry of Education regarding the offer. This summed up the documents needed for professional education field worker need to bring the offer letter from the University, the letter from Ministry of Education and also a letter from me as permission or granted my husband to work in malaysia.These should be submitted together with the employment contract provided by the university as well.
      I guess the process vary according to the case. But again your website is really helpful and i wish i can meet you someday to thank you personally! Wish you and husband well and happily ever after. :)

    5. Hi Marina,

      Nothing is more happier to hear that your husband have gotten 3 years visa finally! I am glad you find my blogspot helpful & useful :) Your comment and sharing here definitely benefited for others who face to similar situation like yours in the future! Keep in touch and welcome to contact me if you happens to be in KL someday and free to meet up :) Wishing you and your husband all the best and happily ever after too!

  11. By chance u know how to cancel ltvp?

    1. Sorry for late reply, I have no idea. Pay a visit to the immigration will be the only way to find out. All the best.

  12. Good Evening everyone, is their anyone can let me know how to fill up imm 55 application form? The first page is to fillup my wife or mine? Im malaysian citisen, my wife is china. Beside that, its that all this form can get at any JPN or only can get it at PUTRAJAYA JPN MALYSIA? plz reply me at whatapps if can thank you. HERE is my CONTACT +6011-3629 6008 Im ALFRED WONG

    1. Hi Alfred,

      imm55 is application for extension of visa pass, so you should fill up your wife name and details since she is the one who need to extend the visa.

      This form can be obtain from immigration department of the state that you need to go (according to your address at your Mykad). Hope this help.

  13. Hi Yoo Hye In,

    Thank you so much for sharing your application journey. It is so helpful to newbies like me!! I intend to submit a LTSVP for my hubby and am really grateful for your post.

    During your first visit to collect the forms, may I ask if i still need to do so since you said the forms are now available to download from the immigration website? Also, for the Surat Akuan, can i just print the sample given by Jari Hopkins and bring it to the Commissioner of Oath? Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Yoo Hye In!
    Your blog is a godsend. Im about to do my 2nd renewal and you would think I'd remember all this. I have a question. When I did the last renewal - the surat akuan was quite simple and I only had to declare and it had my signature and was notarized. Now I see another version as listed above. I am meant to go tomorrow to shah alam and got the simple one stamped. Would they will accept it?


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