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Cherry Blossom at Dalmaji-gil, Busan | 부산 해운대 달맞이길 벚꽃풍경

Dalmaji-gil definitely is one of the best place in Busan to see cherry blossom. This year cherry blossom started early at the beginning of March. Spring flowers in Korea are blossoming at this moment when I share the photos. You can see the road is jammed by cars that flocks to Dalmaji for cherry blossom in the picture. 

My sister in law sent me all these beautiful photos where she taken yesterday when the family went out for a stroll at their neighborhood. I told my sister in law if I am living in Dalmaji-gil, I will be going out everyday to see cherry blossom!  She laughed and told me that's what she is going to do too! Lol. 
Look at the beautiful spring cherry blossom along the Dalmaji-gil. I just passed thru this road last year early autumn and trees are still green and some about to turn yellow. In a blink winters has come and go, and spring is here with cherry blossom tree starts to blossom. I will ask my sister in law to took some photos of 4 seasons in Dalmaji-gil and wil…

How to Renew LTSVP (Long Term Social Visit Pass) in Malaysia

Husband's LTSVP just renewed for another 4 years at Shah Alam Immigration Office. The renewal process is much easier compare to the our first LTSVP application. However, it still took us 4 visits to complete the renewal. You may refer to our experience below and complete the renewal within 3 visits. I am referring to Shah Alam Immigration Office here! Different Immigration Office the operation could be vary.

Basically, first visit is to pick up the renewal forms and make inquiries; if possible, get the Surat Akuan certified and send the Employment Contract for stamping (if any) on the same day (or before the submission). After get ready all necessary documents. visit the Immigration Office again for submission. Go early (as early as possible) if you don't wish to wait whole day for your turn for the submission. Not to forget to bring enough cash for renewal fee. Shall the submission is complete and successful, your third visit is to collect passport with new visa (and work en…