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Tim Ho Wan (Malaysia) 1-Utama Shopping Centre | 添好運

Last weekend when we searching for what to eat for breakfast in 1-Utama, surprise to see there is no queue at Tim Ho Wan on a Sunday morning, so we finally give a try. Last year when Tim Ho Wan opened its second outlet in 1-Utama, whenever we passed-by this Michelin-starred Dim Sum Restaurant is always long queue. Thinking of coming back to try after few months later when the 'hit' is subside, however due to we rarely go to 1-Utama compare to last time, we totally forgotten about it. 
Although no queue outside, the restaurant is still about half-full. We were seat immediately after walked in. 
The menu on the table give us an impression that choices is pretty limited. Probably we are spoil by choice by those dim-sum restaurants we patronized. The menu comprises of their Signature 4 Heavenly Kings, vermicelli roll (4 items), steamed (7 items), deep fried (3 items), rice (3 items), congee (1 item), vegetable(1 item), desserts (1 item) and baverages (6 items).
We felt that the d…

Maritime Suite, Karpal Singh Drive & Sunrise of New Lunar Year

Our family from Busan visit us in Malaysia. On Chinese New Year eve, we drove down Penang and stay for 2 days 1 night. We had reunion dinner with my family and celebrate the festive season in Penang. I rented a duplex apartment at Maritime Suites, Karpal Singh Drive thru Airbnb for 5 of us (my parents in law brother in law, me and husband). We love the apartment's high windows overlooking seafront with beautiful sunrise & sunset.
Photo taken after we just viewed the first sunrise at the first day of New Lunar Year, 2016.
"Sunrise" is one of the the reason why I chose this apartment. Watching sun rising above the horizon on New Year's day is one of the most popular ways to celebrate a brand new start in Korean culture. We have a unforgettable moment watching first lunar year's sunrise together for the first time. Share with you here the photos from dawn to sunrise on the 8 Feb 2016, first day of Chinese New Year, also "Seollal" in Korea .. and my bir…