Yazid Burger (Supersized Burger), Shah Alam

After finish our workout cum visit at Taman Botani Shah Alam, we plan to have our late lunch at nearby before head home. I google for best burger in Shah Alam while husband driving his way out from Taman Botani, Yazid burger came up to the top of the search as it is just few km away!

We arrived smoothly via google map apps in about 5 minutes time. The burger place is located at the food court at the lower ground. We only found out Yazid Burger is selling Supersized burger when we were there!  

 First thing that caught our attenton is their largest size burger~ 3KG whopper selling at RM120!

Other whopper size are:- 250gram (RM10) | 500gram (RM20) | 1KG (RM40) | 1.5Kg (RM60.00) and 2KG (RM80.00). Their normal size (250gram) is not the normal size we used to have lol. Slightly larger than the usual normal size. All burger has 3 choices of meat patty, which is beef, chicken or lamb.  

Husband make a choice to order their 500gm beef burger @ RM20. From the display (bun size), It seems perfect for 2-3 pax. But when the burger is served, the actual size is still larger than what we expect!

I bet the 500gm is refer to the beef patty alone! look at the thick chunk of beef patty beneath the burger. That's should be for 4 pax! lol. As expected, we only manage to eat half, the other half we bought home for our dinner later.

Yeah, this is a very Malaysian style burger! As for the taste, we finds that there are too much chili sauce in the burger and it taste overly sweet. Later, I cook 2 fried eggs added into the leftover burger when we take it as dinner at home, it taste much better and not so sweet as earlier. 

More info: http://yazidburger.blogspot.my/


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