Busan, MiSeong Wang Mandu (Suyeong Branch) | 부산 미성 왕 만두 (수영점)

Sister in law bought me here to buy famous mandu (Korean dumplings) in our neighborhood for lunch after our hair saloon date. 

 The is a queue before it reach our turn. Sister in law say the queue can get long very long sometimes.

This mandu shop is famous with it's wang-mandu (왕 만두) - king size dumpling. It looks like our Chinese bun (pao). 

Besides wang mandu, there are also selling normal dumpling in 8 pieces per box - where we can choose either pork dumplings (만두),  kimchi dumplings (김치만두), or mixed of 2 flavors.

The ajuhmas that making the fresh mandu at the open kitchen inside the shop. The mandu is freshly made daily. Look at the trays of fresh mandu that is ready for steam.

The mandu here is only available for take-out (take-away). This beautiful lady owner never stop repeating the following process: taking order, place the fresh mandu for steaming, set timer, remove the mandu from steaming pot immediately once timer ring, let the mandu cool a bit before pack it in a aluminium foil takeaway box. 

After we take away the mandu, sister in law bought me to Mcdonalds across the road to enjoy the mandu with McCafe coffee.

We order fries and iced americano since we going to occupied one of the table. It is very odd for me to have dumplings in Mcdonald! But cousin sister in law say it is alright to do so.

왕만두 | Wang Mandu @ 2000won per piece.

Look at the filling inside - full of meat patties! It taste like our Chinese steam bun with the Korean mandu filling. Yummy but also very filling! After I have the whole wang-mandu, I am so full and don't even feel like there is a space in my tummy for my iced-americano. 

We also takeaway the mixed of normal pork mandu and kimchi mandu 4 pieces each @ 7000won. Despite my super full stomach, I manage to ate one piece of kimchi dumpling since I shouldn't miss the delicious kimchi mandu. While cousin sister who already had her wang mandu. still able take another two pieces of mandu. We then bring home the rest for my father in law who also like to eat the mandu from Miseong wang mandu shop.

MiSeongWang Mandu is operating 24 hours! Miseong wang mandu also have other franchise in other area e.g. Somyeon and Dongre-gu

MiSeong Wang Mandu (Suyeong Branch) is just located near to Suyeong Station (MRT Station) - take exit No.4 and continue to walk on main road you will easily find Miseong wang mandu shop if you can spot the Mcdonalds drive thru.

부산 미성왕만두 (수영점)
Address: Yeonsu-ro, Gwangan 3-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea
Tel: (+82) 010-9350-2253


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