Busan, Millak-dong, Millak Waterfront Park, Gwangan-Daegyo, Millak Raw Fish Town & Cafe Gelateria | 민락수변공원, 광안 대교, 민락회타운 & 카페 젤라떼리아

After dinner at Maniju Grill Eel, husband and I went for a quick stroll at Millak Waterfront Park  which is just about 100 meters away from the restaurant, to have a closer look of Gwangan daegyo - the Diamond bridge. 

Located between Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach, Millak Waterfront Park (pronounce as Min-lak su-byeon gong-won 민락수변공원 in Korean) is famous with it's beautiful night view of Diamond bridge (Gwangan daegyo) and abundant raw fish restaurants and fresh seafood market along the street in front of the waterfront -local name it Millak Raw Fish Town.

There is no sandy beach here at Millak Subyeon Gongwon, only paved beach promanade that extended to the sea. We found many local citizens were picnic by the paver seaside enjoying Gwangan Daegyo night view at Millak Waterfront Park. Almost everyone is having raw fish and soju which can be get from raw fish center nearby.

Beautiful Diamond bridge ~ Gwangan-Daegyo (광안대교). I have seen it at Gwanganli beach and Geumryongsan in my previous Busan trip, but seeing it closely at night from Millak Waterfront Park is my first time. The 2-storey suspension bridge that connects Namcheon-dong, Suyeong-gu & Centum City in U-dong, Haeundae-gu display over 100,000 lighting effect and shine like diamond therefore known as Diamond bridge.

Apparently, this picnic by the seaside and having raw fish or foods that purchase at the nearby Raw Fish Center is a popular activities among the locals for years. Especially now it's mid autumn season, the low temperature (around 14 to 16 celcius at night) and cold sea breeze is a perfect weather to picnic by the sea. 

Millak Raw Fish Town | 민락회타운
Along the waterfront, you can find abundant of Raw Fish Center (회 센타) or Live Fish Martket (활어 마트). Raw fish center is a multi-storey building where 1st floor is selling live fishes, 2nd floor on-wards are raw fish restaurants. (*in Korea, ground floor is refer to first floor).

Picture on right, is Ba-da shan-cek hwal-o mart (바다산책 활어마트) where 바다산책 means "Walking by the Sea" - thats what we were doing, walking by the sea. It is a popular Raw Fish Center next to Millak waterfront park. You may find many other similar Raw Fish Center like this and they are located just next to each other.

The 1st floor fresh seafood market looks just the same other seafood market you have seen anywhere in Korea. Here you may purchase your preferred fish or seafood at very reasonable price. Then bring it to any raw fish restaurant from 2nd floor on wards, get the restaurant to slice the fish into raw fish to you with small charges apply. The restaurant will serve along red pepper paste or some side dish for you too. Even if you did not buy any fish, you may still purchase the sliced raw fish or other dish from the restaurant.

Most of the restaurants in Raw Fish Center have a window view of Gwangan Daegyo & Millak Waterfront Park. You can enjoy the raw fish at the restaurant or take away to enjoy it at the park or by the seaside just like the locals did.

Read previous post: Millak-dong, Maniju Grilled Eel for more pictures of Millak Raw Fish Town. 

Millak Waterfront Park | 민락수변공원

How to get there: 
[Subway] Millak Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 1
Or Take Bus no.210 and get off at Millak Waterfront Park

After the walk, we return to the restaurant and prepare to go home with my parents in law. My parents in law wanted to have some dessert before head home. So here we are at Cafe Gelateria, which is not far away from Millak Waterfront Park.

The cafe is famous with the Italian fruit ice-cream - Gelato!

Besides gelato ice-creams, there are all sorts of desserts and coffee available!

My cute father in law recommended us to try their most popular menu - Honey Love Toast. He told us that he like this Honey Love Toast Set after he tried it at a gathering with his old schoolmates.

Honey Love Toast Set (하니러브 토스트 세트)
The set consist of a Toast (토스트) + Soft Yogurt Ice-cream (소프트 요거트 아이스크림) & choice of Hot or Iced Americano coffee (아메리카노 커피). 

Husband and I were still feeling full after the grilled eel dinner. When I saw the thick toast, I was doubt that if we could finish it. My parents in law then tear the toast into several parts using forks, the toast has a crunchy outer but fluffy inside. 

Mom-in-law taught us to eat the toast with a teaspoon of soft yogurt ice-cream. After our first bite, husband and I totally forgotten about our full stomach and we never stop eating haha!

The combination of the warm fluffy toast with cold yogurt ice-cream is seriously addictive! Mom in law and me both love the yogurt ice-cream the most as it has very light and clean taste. The hot americano goes very well with the toast and ice-cream too! Thanks to my father in law's recommendation. I would like to come again next time if we back to Busan.  

Cafe Gelateria | 카페 젤라떼리아
Address: 17-3. Gwangan Haebyeon-ro 344 boen-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan 
부산광역시 수영구 광안해변로344번길 17-3
Tel: 051-754-3106