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Busan, Millak-dong, Millak Waterfront Park, Gwangan-Daegyo, Millak Raw Fish Town & Cafe Gelateria | 민락수변공원, 광안 대교, 민락회타운 & 카페 젤라떼리아

After dinner at Maniju Grill Eel, husband and I went for a quick stroll at Millak Waterfront Park  which is just about 100 meters away from the restaurant, to have a closer look of Gwangan daegyo - the Diamond bridge. 
Located between Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach, Millak Waterfront Park (pronounce as Min-lak su-byeon gong-won 민락수변공원 in Korean) is famous with it's beautiful night view of Diamond bridge (Gwangan daegyo) and abundant raw fish restaurants and fresh seafood market along the street in front of the waterfront -local name it Millak Raw Fish Town.

There is no sandy beach here at Millak Subyeon Gongwon, only paved beach promanade that extended to the sea. We found many local citizens were picnic by the paver seaside enjoying Gwangan Daegyo night view at Millak Waterfront Park. Almost everyone is having raw fish and soju which can be get from raw fish center nearby.

Beautiful Diamond bridge ~ Gwangan-Daegyo (광안대교). I have seen it at Gwanganli beach and Geumryongsan in …

Busan, Gwanganli, Millak-Dong, ManiJu Grilled Eel (Restaurant) | 마니주 장어구이

It's my third time having grilled eel (장어구이) in Busan. Busan is well known for abundant seafood and especially famous with Eel. Don't miss to taste the fresh eel if you visit Busan. Eel is widely known as a stamina booster among Korean as eel contains the essential amino acids lysine and arginine, which help vitalize the body.
This time, we had grilled eel at ManiJu (마니주) - one of the matjib located at the end of Gwanganli beach, nearby Millak Waterside Park.  
ManiJu is located at first floor and have a a good view of Gwangan-Daekyo (Gwangan Bridge) along the coastline. We arrived the restaurant right on time when the restaurant start their dinner operation hour. Mom in law told me that soon the hall will be full house especially on the weekend. 
The window view at our table. We can see Gwangan-Daekyo (Gwangan Diamond Bridge) and Millak Raw Fish Town and Millak Waterside Park clearly from the window.
On the ground seafood markets can be seen everywhere. You probably only hear…

Busan, MiSeong Wang Mandu (Suyeong Branch) | 부산 미성 왕 만두 (수영점)

Sister in law bought me here to buy famous mandu (Korean dumplings) in our neighborhood for lunch after our hair saloon date. 
 The is a queue before it reach our turn. Sister in law say the queue can get long very long sometimes.

This mandu shop is famous with it's wang-mandu (왕 만두) - king size dumpling. It looks like our Chinese bun (pao). 

Besides wang mandu, there are also selling normal dumpling in 8 pieces per box - where we can choose either pork dumplings (만두),  kimchi dumplings (김치만두), or mixed of 2 flavors.
The ajuhmas that making the fresh mandu at the open kitchen inside the shop. The mandu is freshly made daily. Look at the trays of fresh mandu that is ready for steam.

The mandu here is only available for take-out (take-away). This beautiful lady owner never stop repeating the following process: taking order, place the fresh mandu for steaming, set timer, remove the mandu from steaming pot immediately once timer ring, let the mandu cool a bit before pack it in a alumin…