Renewing Malaysia Passport in Kuala Lumpur

I just recently renew my passport before my trip to Busan. It's my first time renew my passport here in Kuala Lumpur. I would say I am amazed by the tremendous change and fast service by the immigration in renewal process compare to what I have experience in the past. Thumbs up for the good job! Besides that, nothing happier than found out that there is one passport office few kilometer away from my house. The government building (complex) is new and abundant parking space available (Free of charge).

So, what are the New Changes? 

  • No need to filled form anymore (I'm referring to passport renewal process here) 
  • No more passport size photo needed - digital photo will be taken on the spot.
  • Passport renewal fee reduced to RM200 for 5 years period w.e.f 15 January 2015 (with the reduction of the five-year passport fees, the two-year passport is not available anymore). 
  • New Passport can be collected within an hour or two on the same day.

The Process: 

1. Take Queue Number - The counter officer will make sure I bring along complete documents (MyKad and Current Passport) before given out the Queue Number to me. This queue number will be the same queue number that use for Passport Renewal Process, Payment and Collection of New Passport later.

2. E-Form for Passport Renewal - First time my Queue Number is paged, I was ask to hand over MyKad, Current Passport and Queue Number Slip to the counter officer. Counter officer then verified my thumbprints (both left and right side) via thumbprint scanner and print out an E-form (passport renewing form) which contains my personal particulars. The Passport Renewal Form, together with MyKad, current passport and queue number were return to me and ask me to wait for second process.

3. Take digital photo - Second time my number is paged, proceed to one of the counter which equipped with  Facial Live Capture Recognition Device to take a digital photo. The digital photo will be appear in the new passport in black and white format (no more colour photo like previous passport version), so it really doesn't matter how nice your makeup is. The counter officer then verified my particulars to ensure it is up-to-date. (e.g. Marital status, correspondence address, phone number). Followed by taking digital thumbprints or E-Passport purpose (E-Passport can be use at automated passport control kiosk when we pass through customs). 

4. Make Payment - 3rd time my number is paged, proceed to payment counter and paid RM200 for passport renewal fee (Cash only). A payment receipt is issued and and I was told that I can collect the new passport within an hour.

5. New Passport Collection - hand over payment receipt to the New Passport Collection Counter officer (Counter no.1 to no.5 on the left hand side) and wait for my name to be call. Yes, the counter office will call our Full Name and no more using queue number. Upon collecting the new passport, counter officer will hand over both old and new passport back to me, ask to double check if the particulars is correct (e.g. spelling of my name and passport validity). After confirm there is no mistake, I need to sign (signature) on the new passport and the passport collection form before I can leave with my old and new passport, as well as payment receipt.


The process no.1 to no.4 took less than half an hour - more than 10 counters is in operation. From what I notice there are 2 renewal process counter (e-form printing), 2 payment counter, and around 8 counters for digital photo section.

For my case, the passport collection has a little delay due to the system suddenly break-down right after I make payment! The passport collection counter officer make announcement with her loud voice to let everyone know that new passport can only collect 1 hour later. Many has left for breakfast at the cafeteria at ground floor including me. Anyhow, after breakfast (about 20 minutes later), I didn't wait too long to get my new passport collect.

View from where I parked my vehicle - overlooking Menara Sapura Kencana and Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Photo was taken while waiting for traffic light at the cross junction after I exit from Publika carpark. That's Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) where the immigration office located at. For your info, go straight is heading to Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 (Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre), turn right can return to Solaris Mont' Kiara / Segambut , while turn left can go out to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim. 

Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN)
No. 69, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Jalan Duta, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+60 3-6205 7400
Operation Hours Kindly Refer to their WEBSITE