Busan, GyungJu Park-Ga Gukbap, Yeonsan Branch | 부산 연제구 경주박가국밥 (연산점)

Our first dinner in Busan. My brother in law Albong (his nickname) bought us here 경주박가국밥 (GyungJu Park-Ga Gukbap) for dinner, around 6-10 mins walking distance from our house. Come to Busan, how can I miss the Busan delicacy Dweji Gukbap? However husband is craving for his Soondae! So my brother in law think of this Gukbap-Jib that he personally like it very much which can satisfy both of our craving in one dish - 순대버섯전골 (Soondae Bossot Jonggol). 

순대버섯전골 Soondae Bossot Jonggol
Assorted Mushrooms (Enoki mushrooms & oyster mushroom), soondae (sticky rice and glass noodle stuffed in pig intestine), pork belly slices, chopped cabbage, carrot, leeks and green onions, and some marinate paste and pork bone brooth served in hot pot!

Side dishes that served along with the Bossot Soondae Jonggol is green chilli, onion slice, garlic slice, ssamjang (for the wraps),  kimchi, fresh chives and special dipping sauce for the pork slice from the gukbap!

We first have some udon-noodle as our round one - after bring the hot pot to boil, the shop owner lady add in the udon-noodle and let it continue to boil for a short while then it is ready to eat!

Beside enjoy soondae and mushroom, we also love this pork slice dip with special sauce or eat it together with fresh chives! The dipping sauce taste like sweet soya sauce yet a little spicy in it. 

After finished all the noodle and most of the ingredient, feeling full but we still ask for bokkuembap (fried rice) as our second round. Recommended you keep some space in your stomach for the fried rice as it is very delicious! Minimum order is 2 servings rice if ask for fried rice. The rice will add into the leftover soup & ingredient to make bokkuembap with kimchi and gim (dried seaweed). Similar to the fried rice with leftover when we have dakgalbi.

See how we empty the fried rice even we all were feeling full! The fried rice is very very savory as the leftover soup (brooth) has absorb all the flavors of the ingredients after keep boiling for a long time while we enjoy our meal earlier.

My husband who say he is full and might not able to finish the 2 servings of bokkuembap is the one who eat the most here!! Almost 2/3 is in his stomach. Lol.

GyungJu Park-Ga Gukbap has a few branches in Korea where you can visit beside this branch which is located in Yeonsan-dong (I will update the branches list later) and they are open for 24 hours!

GyungJu Park-Ga Gukbap, Yeonsan Branch (경주박가국밥 연산점) 
Address: 480-2 Yeonsan 9(gu)-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan, South Korea
Phone: 051-759-8202


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