Busan, Gupo Market | 구포 시장

We just recently came back from Busan. It's early Autumn so the temperature is at a very comfort level. Not too hot also not too cold. Day time the temperature is around 22 Celsius, just wear our normal summer outfit and add a thin cardigan is good enough as day time when the sun is up, it can be a little warm if dress too thick. Night time temperature will drop till 14 Celsius, a slightly thick Jacket or hoodie is necessary. Early morning can be a little bit chilly but once the sun is rise, the temperature will rise too. 

Our first stop in Busan after arrived Gimhae International Airport is Gupo Sijang.  This market is a five-days large-scale traditional market, extending from Gupo train station through Deokcheon Junction. 

We park our vehicle at a carpark nearby and walk to Gupo Sijang. While waiting for the pedestrian's traffic light turns green, from opposite of the road we can see Gupo Sijang pack with peoples. This is the main gate of Gupo Sijang. There are also other gate where you can enter to the market.

Before we enter into inside of Gupo Sijang, outside the market there many stalls selling seafood (all sort of fishes, octopus, crab, shells), local agricultural products (vegetables, fruits), even herbs, dried condiments, household items, cosmetic and garments etc can be found here.

Inside the market is pack with locals and mostly of them carry their own shopping bag carry their own purchase.

My uncle in law who are walking around Gupo Sijang with us after pick us from airport, told us that during autumn local people will eat 회 Hweh (Korean sashimi) with this fishes.

We accidentally walk pass this back alley of Gupo Market where dog meat are sell. I wrote briefly about this before in one of my Busan trip post. You probably will feel uncomfortable like how i feel too when you walk pass this street - outside the dog meat restaurant there are cages where dogs are locking up waiting to be butchered, some shop even display the carcasses (dogs that have been butchered), and there are this unpleasant or disturbing smell of animal urine & poops (probably it was from the dogs) when we passed by. Beside dog meat, they also selling other live-stocks e.g. ducks, chicken, and rabbits.

The street is very quiet compare to the crowds inside the  Gupo market. Only shop owners or workers spotted at their respective restaurant, no sign of customer. This is the best shot husband manage to capture as we afraid we might get into trouble for taking pictures (those restaurant owners won't allow public to take picture). Majority of Koreans (including husband's family) are not support in eating dog meat, there are some organizations or locals submit their petition to the authority hoping to ban or shut down the dog meat market. However sadly to say, the dog meat market still exist till today.

Uncle in law lead us here to one of the food street inside Gupo Sijang where we can find many kinds of Korean cuisine where mostly are from southern province.

Local Korean food that we familiar with: hwei (sashimi), dweji-gukbap (pork stew with rice), Jokbal (pig's trotters), street food such as Gimbap, Pajeon, Tteok (sticky rice cake), fried chicken,  오뎅 국수 Odeng guksu (fish cake soup with noodles) and more. 

There are also some bizarre Korean dish that I never heard of such as: 소머리국밥 SoMori Gukbap (hard-boiled beef head meat soup and rice), 홍어 Hong-uh (Fermented skate), 과메기Gwamegi (semi-dried pacific herring / pacific fishes) and many more (that's all I can remember).  

How to go to Gupo Sijang: 
Take the Subway to Deokcheon Station - via Line 2 (green) or Line 3 (brown). Exit at Exit No.1 and walk straight for around 50 meters. Gupo Market will be on your right hand side.

Gupo Market | 구포 시장
Address: 599 일대 Gupo 1(il)-dong, Buk-gu, Busan, South Korea